Zcashd connection hopping?

I have two computers side by side on the same router.
One has zcashd fully synced; any time I disconnect it and reconnect it a little bit later, it has no problems reestablishing 8 connections and continuing on with the pack.
The other had zcashd (Overwinter version) only 50% synced and had a hell of a time trying to get any connections that would advance it along.
I wound up stopping and starting the second (i.e. 50% synced one) several times until it connected to a group that would advance it along. But after a small bit, its connections dwindled.
Is there a way to get my un-fully-synced zcashd computer on the same connection network as my fully-synced zcashd computer so one can help the other get fully synced?

Can you copy the blockchain over to the other computer? Like with a normal flash drive. That should save you a ton of time since you already verified all of the transactions. Connecting to nodes once the blockchain is synced is much easier.

Is it as simple as copying all the files in the “blocks” subdirectory from one computer to the other?
Or is the the “chainstate” directory information also important?

Both I believe. I’m not a developer for zcash so please someone correct me if I am wrong

just rsync the folder from one to the other

The upcoming 2.0.0 release should fix the peerbanning problem described here. In the meantime, you can try this work around: Peers ban when loading pre-overwinter blocks · Issue #3399 · zcash/zcash · GitHub