Zcashd is killed

hello zcash community im using my old laptop to mine
kali linux os i3 cpu gtx 480 4GB RAM
every time i start the zcashd my os kill it cause of the “rapid resource exhaution” there is any solution to overcome this problem

Don’t use Zcashd to mine, it will not earn you any Zcash. Solo mining is a waste of time and energy.

Best bet would be to buy a Zcash ASIC, or you can use a service like NiceHash to mine with your PC.


a long ago i considered buying zantminers but in my country crypto is illegal , is it worthy to shift to fpga mining on zcash ?

Yeah, ASIC miners are very expensive. I don’t know of any FPGA Zcash miners, but since you have a PC you can try a multi miner like https://www.nicehash.com/ which will use your hardware to mine ETH, BTC, XMR, etc… Then you can convert to ZEC later.