ZCash installation on Ubuntu 18.04

I recently looked into the Zcash mining installation guide here.
This guide was create for an older version of Ubuntu.
I am wondering if any one can provide a newer guide for installing the same on later version of Ubuntu (18.04)?

Thank you in advance.

Here is my intention:
Mine Zcash purely with CPU.
My CPU: two Intel Xeon E5530

I am open for any Windows base mining software suggestion.

This is a current installation tutorial

Mining requires putting a couple of extra lines in the conf file and restarting as you can see in the “start mining” section of the guide you linked

Just be aware that cpu mining hasn’t been effective in years

Hi @HunterGroup2

I wrote that guide years ago, CPU mining is not feasible for Zcash anymore. If you want to earn Zcash you will need specialized hardware called an ASIC and you will need to join a pool.

Mining only with CPU and Zcashd as explained in that guide likely won’t earn you any Zcash.

At this point, what are the coins that CPU mining is still relevant?

Check out https://cpu-mining.info/

Any coin that uses these algorithms (or variations of) are good for cpu mining: yespower, yespowerr16, cpupower and yescrypt.

Zergpool.com is a good place to mine cpu coins. You can also mine cpu coins and get paid in any other coin they have available to be paid out in. If you have any other Q’s in regards to this hit me up on keybase.io/afterconnery_