Interpreting ZCASHD Metrics - What gets you paid?

With the zcashd miner (native sprout 1.0, solo mining to wallet) on the metrics screen which metric is the one which means you earned some ZEC? My screen shows good info yet my wallet balance is still 0.

You are running 4 mining threads.
- You have validated 1189 transactions!
- You have contributed 1.2756 Sol/s on average to the network solution rate.
- You have completed 1645 Equihash solver runs.

Does validating or solver runs get you paid?

To be “paid” you have to mine a block. Your chances of mining a block are simply your % of the global hashrate so you have 1.2756 Sol/s whereas global hashrate is 620,000 Sol/s.

For a rough calculation on average given current global hashrate (and assuming there are 210240 blocks mined a year - based on one every 2.5 minutes) you can expect to mine a single block over a period of 2.3 years.

You may want to try pooled mining unless you are feeling very lucky or patient.

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Thank you, yeah I have a pool setup on a diff machine earning a bit, I was just trying to figure out for the zcashd metrics screen if it updated and showed any info when you actually earned zec.

So validating transactions and solver runs don’t get you paid, but mining a block does. Shouldn’t there be a “mined blocks” or “block progress” metric then, since that is the most important one?

Yes only mining earns you ZEC. Otherwise you are supporting the network by validating transactions and contributing hashpower (which increases the security of the network)

It’ll tell you if you mined a block! Like I said though you’d need to watch that screen for a while :grin:

Chee :laughing: yeah, I don’t think I’ll be watching for it anytime soon. :+1:

How do you find that global hashrate number?

Simplest way look here

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Hi @entropy0,

What is the command to get the zcashd metrics?


If you run the zcashd program from the command line in terminal app without the daemon parameter, then it runs in the foreground and has a pretty printout that updates as it works.

$ cd ~/zash
$ ./src/zcashd

Will start the zcashd miner in the foreground and show the pretty screen.

If you want to get fancy you can TMUX:

tmux new -s zcashd
cd ~/zcash

# then detach
Cntrl b d

And it will keep going and you can come back to it.