Zcashd use to much memory without any reasons

I have my zcash node synced since some months, zero problem,
After 5.2.0 update, I try to re launch my node, and was killed (use to much of ram) and crash my other apps…
Use -rescan parameter don’t have result, the same.
limit mempool don’t have result…

How make ?


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This is still an ongoing issue and the best solution to regain access to your funds I think is to import your sapling and transparent private keys into a light wallet.

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I am seeing the same issue with v5.2.0. It increases mem usage until it crashes and does this repeatedly, staying stuck at around 96% synced. Until this is fixed in zcashd, I would recommend using the below two Light client wallets.

ZecWallet Lite - Desktop light client wallet.

  • Supports Seed Phase, or Private Key import
  • Supports Orchard Pool
  • Supports Auto-shielding Transparent funds, Memos, etc.
  • Quickest sync right now that I’ve experienced

Ywallet - Mobile light client wallet.

  • Supports Seed, Secret Key, or View Key import
  • Does not yet support/show Orchard Funds as far as I can tell (but it might)
  • Feature-rich / advanced config mobile wallet

As far as I can tell, right now Orchard funds can be restored via Seed Phrase (not private key). Sapling/Transparent funds can be restored via Seed Phrase AND private keys.

Is the Orchard seed phrase restoral supported now? I havent seen anything about that but I may hace missed it

Seed Phrase seems to be the only way to restore Orchard funds as far as I can tell. I am unable to export private keys for any Unified / Orchard addresses. Since the NU5 update, zcashd forced a backup of the wallet by creating a seed phrase before allowing the creation of an Account and subsequently any Unified Addresses linked to that account. That seems to be the preferred way for now at least.

This thread might be of help.

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I have found a solution, work for me.
I launch ./zcashd -reindex . There is 2 step,

  1. reindex blocks
  2. ‘redownload’/check blocks

Once step 2, zcashd crashed… So I wait synced to 2% in step two, I stop it and relaunch by ./zcashd -daemon (it will restart at step 2) and now it’s synced…

work for 10 minutes…

Like I said it’s ongoing. The issue for the Orchard mnemonic import is still open (back with the account model now, lil different) but looks like it’s really coming along Add ability to restore the zcashd wallet from the emergency recovery phrase (mnemonic seed). · Issue #5796 · zcash/zcash · GitHub

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