Slowly sync at zecwallet fullmode

the sync at my zecwallet fullmode is very slow, can i make it faster?
I wait about 30 minutes for 0,5%. I dont would wait 4 days to sync the wallet. :smiley:


I believe there is a box called “FastSync” did you check it?

What’s the point of full sync?

Because it’s trustless

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Ive installed zcashd and has now completed downloading all blocks.

I need help with recovering funds using a seed phrase on said full node, maybe someone can point me in the right direction.

I believe theres an import seed option in one of the tabs, im not at my device so Im not for sure which one it is

Im running on linux. The wallet im looking to recover is a shielded wallet.

Anyone with expirence may chime in as i am currently not finding instructions on how to restore wallet.

I think Zecwallet lite supports seed phrases, if it was generated from Zecwallet lite then importing it there would be no problem. Otherwise youll need to extract the keys from the phrase first and import the key itself FAQ - ZecWallet Docs

Zecwallet lite on phone has no option to insert seed phrase.

Extract key from seed? Sounds easy enough ill read your link.

Once keys have been extracted from seed phrase how do you insert key to the zcasd(fullnode) running through linux via terminal?

No, Zecwallet lite mobile doesn’t have an import option, desktop version of Zecwallet lite does.

For the standard linux zcashd, you’d use rpc commands in the zcash CLI, probably this one I assume