Zcash4win v1.0.10 now out

Zcash4win version 1.0.10 is out right now at https://zcash4win.com
This release has my port to Windows (64 bit, Win7 or newer, 8.1 not recommended) updated to track zcash v1.0.10-1 and the latest Windows tweaks to the Swing Wallet by @vaklinov

As always donations are welcome and appreciated, my bandwidth bill last month was 50% more than my rent (over $1200!)


David Mercer
Tucson, AZ

Hi @anon47418038,

If you want i can host your binaires on my server to do a mirror.
The server is located in Paris and already host https://zcashfr.io

Error on Windows 10 Pro 64bit

Установил zcash4win. Кнопка шифрования не подсвечена.
При попытки сохраниться - сообщения об ошибках.
Win7 x64.