ZcashZeal: Multi-Media Community Content Hub

Applicant background:

My nym is @decentralistdan on twitter & the forum. I have been in the cybercoin space since 2016, as well as an engaged Zcash community member & ZEC accumulator since 2018. I am regularly on the various community calls, I am an unelected MGRC candidate; my candidacy post can be found on the community forum. I participated in the Gitcoin Grants program & received generous community support. I was also recently voted to be a volunteer forum moderator by the community. Finally & most relevant to this application is the launch of zcashzeal.org & the @zcashzeal Twitter handle.

Some encouraging initial Zcash Zeal stats since launch, 2 months (Nov. 19th - Jan. 19th) are below:

On Twitter: 240 New Followers, 299.8K tweet impressions, 2.7% engagement rate, 964 Link Clicks, & 4.7K Video views, on the Website: 1190 Unique Visitors & 1986 Page Views, on Discord: 30 Members, & on Substack: 32 Signups

Outside of the crypto space, I have 6 years experience as a broadcast & audio/visual freelance technician, working on live & recorded events including the NFL Draft, NBA playoffs, 2016 Election Debates, & the 2020 Democratic Convention. My skills & roles for this job include, production coordinator, camera operator, audio assistant, & video operator.

Motivation and overview:

“There exists a trilemma when maintaining a public chain protocol, one that requires a multitude of entities working separately in tandem to sustain the protocol itself. Protocol advancement, community stability and growth, as well as speculative and long term value creation, all play major roles in creating a funnel of participants into each of the various groups to maintain a public chain system." - Amentum

This quote resonates with me & helped to shape my view of the role ZcashZeal can play in this new era of the block reward distribution. I feel that ZcashZeal can be an entity that works in tandem with the ecosystem to focus on community stability & growth.

The most important high-level goal for ZcashZeal is to be a driving force for Zcash adoption & retention of users & builders. We would like to cultivate a strong community(Zeal) by coordinating the creation of community content. This would include a social media campaign, educational resources, & multimedia content(website, podcast, video tutorials, & newsletter) + launch of zcashmemes.com. Another high-level goal is the growth of shielded Zcash adoption, we plan to focus a lot of our time & resources specifically on the education & onboarding into the shielded Zcash/z2z ecosystem & launch shieldedzcash.com.

Since the ZcashZeal launch we have published multiple how-to articles on our blog, created several video walkthroughs of using Zcash, & built up strong relationships with other community members(zealots) along the way. I feel these goals are directly connected to not only the ZF’s mission but also the ECC’s, & ultimately the community’s mission.

Technical approach:

Our approach is to learn & build in public.

My iPad is the most important tool in my workflow, as almost all content creation is done using it.

Execution risks:

Some obstacles could be community pushback on not using open-source & more private tools for the infrastructure I use currently. Ultimately I would like to transition but it could be an obstacle. The project could also lack the community support needed to really thrive & signal boost. Another factor that could limit the success of our goals, would be not being able to get permission to use the Zcash trademark in our content. Contingency plans include just pushing through because ZcashZeal was started to scratch my itch & I will continue to support the ecosystem.


All downsides listed seem possible but resolvable.

Evaluation plan:

We will continue to monitor the stats listed in the top section of the proposal in addition to monitoring podcast stats after launch, amount of z2z memo engagement we receive & the feedback we get via emails & social channels.

Tasks and schedule:

by April 1st: podcast launched + ZcashMemes.com launched + shieldedzcash.com launched + newsletter launched

by Jan 1st: bi-weekly content has been released on average over the last 2 quarters (blog post, podcast episode, twitter thread, newsletter)

Budget and justification:

1 year proposal My time: 10 hours/week x 52 weeks @ $20/ hour x 520 hours = $10,400 -All additional time that is required for the success of the project will be done voluntarily.

-Website Infrastructure costs: 1yr $216 per domain per year x3 =$648 (Squarespace) zcashzeal.org + zcashmemes.com + shieldedzcash.com

-$1200($100/mo) for community content creation rewards/incentives + z2z onboarding via memos, & zecpages marketing.

=$12,248 Total Budget

We would love a two year grant if the ZOMG sees the value in that & that budget would be the above proposal x2 = $24,496.


Thanks so much for the proposal!

We’re just about to start the meeting now, but my first question on reading this are around the specific goals for the websites, and if any initial work has been done (like mockups, wireframes, or articles) to give us a sense of what those sites will achieve.

Also, do you have any sample content you could post here, that you’re really proud of and reflects what you hope to achieve? (Like, what’s the best of ZcashZeal.org, in your opinion?)

Basically I’m really interested and intrigued by this but I’m looking for a bit more to sink my teeth into to make sure we know what we’re funding. Does that make sense?

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First I just want to make clear that the bulk/focus of this proposal is meant to be tied to ZcashZeal.org & the podcast launch as well as the newsletter, as I see that trio in addition to the twitter account content as the major force to achieve my goals.

But the specific goals for the two additional websites are the same as ZcashZeal.org, to drive adoption, engagement, & education around Zcash & to cultivate a strong community. I originally thought both separate domain ideas could just simply be pages on ZcashZeal.org but I am a bit of a domain collector & felt specific domains made some sense. I already own both zcashmemes.com & shieldedzcash.com but would still be open to just incorporating those concepts into the ZcashZeal website. Although I do feel the domain shieldedzcash.com that is it’s own site focused on the shielded ecosystem specifically could be valuable.

I am not sure what I would classify as the best of ZcashZeal.org outside of the fact that the blog is already a solid aggregator of community content. As seen on the homepage, there is how-to posts, philosophy, opinion, etc, all by valued community contributors. I think this reflects what I hope to achieve with ZcashZeal as a community content hub.

Thanks & if there is anything else I can make more clear, please let me know.


Hi @decentralistdan we discussed your proposal at our ZOMG meeting today and the overall feedback was very positive for what you are doing and want to do for the the community

The group all agreed that content like podcasts, multiple websites, content creation (articles and such) are all good and needed but we don’t want to see you spread yourself too thin trying to do too many things at once. Would you consider choosing a few of your ideas to really concentrate on?

A question: if you were to break-up your proposal into milestones like: a kick-starting funding amount and something along the lines of quarterly scheduled payouts, would that work for you?

Once your projects are established longer term (year or even multi-year) lump-sum style funding could be granted.


Hi @Shawn & @ZOMG,

I’m glad to hear the feedback was positive regarding my proposal. I thought about the points you have brought up & may have come up with the changes needed. I agree it makes sense to not spread myself to thin & concentrate on a few ideas to get started, & evolve + expand from there.

I am absolutely open to a kickstarting amount + quarterly payouts with the goal of longer term funding as my projects become more established.

With all that in mind I think it makes the most sense to focus on ZcashZeal.org, the podcast & the newsletter as this trio can form a sort of efficient content loop. In addition to that trio the ZcashZeal Twitter account will also play a role in achieving my proposal goals.

So the amendment to my proposal includes the removal of the launching & funding of the two new domains. I will instead add a “Shielded” section on the current site that can later be turned into the shieldedzcash.com domain later on. I will also launch @zcashmemes on Twitter instead of a website.

So here is a possible new budget breakdown for my proposal:

Q1(current) “kick starting” = $2916
10hours per week x $20/hour = $2400
$216 for ZcashZeal.org squarespace website infrastructure
$300 for z2z on boarding, marketing, & incentives

Q2 (April 1st) = $2700
10hours per week x $20/hour = $2400
$300 for z2z on boarding, marketing, & incentives
-podcast & newsletter launch

Q3 (July 1st) = $2700
10hours per week x $20/hour = $2400
$300 for z2z on boarding, marketing, & incentives
-check in on growth of all stats
-bi-weekly content has been released on average

Q4 (October 1st): = $2700
10hours per week x $20/hour = $2400
$300 for z2z on boarding, marketing, & incentives
-check in on growth of all stats
-bi-weekly content has been released on average
-December: start discussion with ZOMG & community about longer term funding for year 2 & 3.

I look forward to hearing back from you.



I am very supportive of the idea of establishing a media content hub! I think this is very needed in the community and I’ve been vocal about the need for more evangelism in the grant application.

I would now like to ask a couple of questions about the strategy of ZCashZeal, hopefully encouraging discussion and helping guide us to the right approach.

1. Engagement Stats

Is this 2.7% engagement rate and ratio of new followers to impressions (240 to 300k) normal for Twitter? Do we have any ideas on how to boost this?

If this rate keeps up, in order for us to reach some of the Bitcoin meme accounts with 98k followers, we’ll need close to 122 million impressions (122,500,000).

2. Community Foundations

I like the idea of building a foundational community with the website and the likes. If we are to build that and incentivize people to contribute, then we’d be in a very good spot long-term, as more and more content will come onto the website. In essence, I’m proposing you to think more of how you can become somebody who fosters a community, instead of just generating content.

You mentioned 3 goals - 1) ZCash adoption, 2) user/builder retention and 3) shielded tx adoption. In my mind, if 1) is there then 2) and 3) follow mostly automatically. The reason is no user/builders quit unless the community is very toxic or boring. Note we can’t foster adoption with either, so I would guess retention would not be a problem. With 3), I am assuming that if ZCash adoption grows then shielded will as well - otherwise why even adopt it?

3. “I think it makes the most sense to focus on ZcashZeal.org, the podcast & the newsletter as this trio can form a sort of efficient content loop”.

I agree wholeheartedly with that, it is important to find a combination of social media activities that don’t eat into each other’s time but rather build off of each other. What I mean is that you may discuss one topic on your podcast with somebody whose ideas you later distill into the newsletter and into bite-sized tweets. ZcashZeal can host summarized podcast content (a-la https://podcastnotes.org/ which is A+ IMO and really needed in crypto)

4. re: new proposal

I notice there is an immediate focus on z2z onboarding, marketing and incentives. Would you be able to break that work down a bit more? Are you envisioning concrete podcast episodes, newsletter posts, statistics tweets, education?

5. What is the motivation behind having both @zcashmemes and @zcashzeal on Twitter? Wouldn’t that spread the follower count thin? Do you envision posting different type of content on each?

Thanks for the proposal! Excited to see where we take and grow this!


@decentralistdan I am pleased to inform you that your proposal has been approved by ZOMG :tada: We look forward to seeing ZcashZeal grow and help expand awareness and adoption of Zcash!

You should receive an email from the Zcash Foundation with next steps and setting up your first kickstart payment.

Congratulations! :grin: :zebra::zebra::zebra:


Much appreciated! I look forward to cultivating a strong Zeal & pushing out quality content for the community & beyond to learn + enjoy.


The site is looking great, looking forward to seeing how things progress with this.

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Hey @decentralistdan I noticed that the April 1st milestone has passed, any progress updates?


Howdy Zcash Zeal & @ZOMG, I would like to apologize to all for the delay in updates regarding the progress of this project. I would also like to make it known that although there hasn’t been a lot of new content released, that I have been working behind the scenes to get this project to its next step.

With that said, I am proud to officially announce that the first two episodes of the ZcashZeal podcast are in the works & the pre-production process has started.

Episode 1 will feature @BrunchTime of ZECpages & episode 2 will feature @nitronick600 of Luxor Mining.

Each episode’s release will coincide with accompanying content on both the ZcashZeal.org blog & the @ZcashZeal Twitter account.

Prior to the release of the episodes I will be announcing the community engagement aspect of the podcast where the Zcash community can z2z me questions they would like answered by the guests.

I look forward to providing more frequent updates to the community & please feel free to reach out with any inquiries & ideas going forward.


Is this project still alive?


Howdy Zcash community, @Shawn & @ZcashGrants

This project is indeed alive & well, although delayed, I have been working on moving this project forward. Since I have been delayed & not updating here with accomplished milestones I have not requested any other payouts yet.

I will use this post to provide a few updates though…

-I am working on a full ZcashZeal website redesign & relaunch. Here is a link to preview what I have so far. I will port it over to the main domain when finished. Please don’t share this link out yet…

-Newsletter #1 titled “Code Alone Doesn’t Cut it” is finished & will be launching soon.

-We will be transitioning to a Signal group chat & abandoning discord (as seen on “contact tab” on the new site preview.

-I have been in communication with Harms & we are working on locking down a time to record the first episode soon.

-I have received permission from the Zcash Foundation to edit & republish Zcon content & will be editing & releasing some content via the ZcashZeal podcast.

-I have been in communication with several future guests that I think the community will be glad to see on the show.

-I have a small stockpile of guest posts that I have received permission from other community members to republish on the ZcashZeal blog going forward

-I may be transitioning my ZcashZeal Twitter handle to my decentralistdan handle as that account as more than double the followers & is a far more diverse set of followers that I built up before transitioning my focus to solely Zcash. I feel this will help my ZcashZeal content get seen amongst both the Ethereum & Bitcoin Twitterverse more broadly…

I apologize for the delays & lack of communication but I can say w/ certainty that the community can expect more updates going forward.


Thanks Dan, looking forward to your updates!

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