Radical “to the moon” thread

It remains to wait for the agency to write an application on this forum?

There is NO hype at all at the moment for privacy coins. NONE! All retail investors now are pumping DEFI coins. They don’t care if a project is a good or bad. As long as is DEFI they buy it.
As i said above, everyone behind Zcash’s development needs to focus on showing everyone that this project has value. If we want to survive , this is a must! We have almost everything ! We have much more than most of the other top 100 coins : Hundreds exhanges, GRAYSCALE ( we are one of the few !!! ) one of the best teams out there and one of the best projects ! We have the support of people with billions of dollars ( like Gemini brothers) and people like Vitalik as i mentioned above.
What is happening right now is something inexplicable!
Against the background of all the above, there is a big problem that needs to be resolved immediately.
There are dozens of youtube channels with people who promote and describe certain projects/coins : mmcrypto, Ivan on tech, altcoin daily, the moon etc etc. Each one of these channels has more than 100,000 views per day. There are millions of people watching them every single day!
Each of them in the last few months has not said a single positive word about Zcash and in general about privacy coins.Most of them think that sooner or later all privacy coins will be removed from the exchanges. People are constantly told that these coins/projects will have very difficult time in the near future. Why no one knows that Zcash is fully compliant with the anti-money laundering and terrorism financing (AML / CFT)? Why no one knows about NYDFS ? Why don’t we explain to all people that it’s not so scary to own Zcash ? Why don’t we talk about it in the media and in the public? Maybe there is some danger of doing it? Until we start explaining to all these people that there is nothing scary about owning Zcash , things will not work out.
Аs I said before, it is very sad to see so many smart people creating such an amazing project, but unfortunately no one appreciates it. Price is going constantly down against BTC , ETH and the rest. People are not informed . We have to inform them !


I think it’s time to pivot from the word “private” to “ secure transactions”. It’s also more aligned with “https”. People don’t understand what privacy means. Tell people why zcash protects them. Differentiate based on security and safety.


I have been talking about marketing for more than 2 years, it does not exist and, apparently, will not be until the money for development runs out. Wait and see.

This is one of the things ZcashZeal will be working to signal boost through our content creation.


When do you start? Could you work with a PR firm, say, contact and agree on the price and scope of work, and then finance your work and work on a large-scale PR company through the grand? We need a network effect, which zcash has not been able to achieve until now.

It blows my mind that smart money(people reading this) with positions built/building are still talking about CMC rankings and FUD articles. Last week, doge went from .008 - .10 cents. This market is completely dumb. Sub 100 ZEC is a gift.


Strangely you argue, below 100 is a gift when there is a growth prospect and there is none, understand that the market will correct and zec will adjust from 100 down and not up, which will lead to a lack of funds for teams. You have already said that soon it will go up and even I saw the charts, but there is no what you saw on the chart, for bitcoin everything is down and down, for the dollar only thanks to the growth of bitcoin we do not fall much, then from 18 to 94 it is not growth correction before the fall.


The content creation is great. Although that is not marketing. Hire a professional team to help develop messaging to connect with people; hit the buzzwords to differentiate and create ads. Your user base is likely on Instagram and social media. So use their platforms to get the message out. Gemini may even offer co op marketing if you work together to let people know they can buy it from them.

You are trying to tell people why they should buy coke over Pepsi. A non technical way to help people understand why they should own zcash…That’s marketing. Simple messages.

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My thinking: ECC needs to fund some kind of meme video creations on Fiverr. I can help write the scripts (after all, I wrote the backstory to 2girls1cup and made the website years ago). Also made meme sites like moneyprintergobrrr.com, Hide Pink Shirt Guy (Bubble Indicators – TechCrunch) and countless other things. Also recently memed a uranium stock I like ($UUUU) and it seems to be doing well. cc @joshs


501c3s and advertising is tricky because of the general rule set and the fact that its a unique situation for pretty much all of them. The main problem is tying those efforts to inurments and UBIs becomes easier and increases the likelihood of revocation of ZFNDs status especially considering the method by which its all funded A. had no precedent and B. doesn’t actually require additional fundraising campaigns in the near to mid future (the miners will mine the blocks).

Great suggestion! I will pass this along to our comms person.

We have some constraints and think a lot about what what we can and can’t do, and what we think we should or should not do in our role as a member in the community. I would personally LOVE to see more creative Zcash memes - so please send ideas and we’ll see what we can do.

But, even more so, I would love to see others continue to create and play with these ideas. The best ideas will come from the broader community of Zealots. I’m sure of it.


Hire John Cleese to do a short video on privacy ? That could be hilarious.


Another idea is to get some illustrations done. Perhaps go all in on the Zebra and get some illustrations (and then eventually some kind of animations on Fiverr or Upwork). These can be used for the educational portion of the z.cash website along with added to memes that people create. Official shareable mascot vector art templates.

The guy I’ve been working with for years (who now works at Coinbase), has an awesome style and I’d love to introduce you to him if you’re interested.

He just recently did some stuff for a cannabis site I run that I’d be happy to share with you in a (shielded) way.

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This idea is great. Also, think about Cameo. Would just need to decide who would be appropriate. (https://www.cameo.com) feel like @zooko should decide though.



My 2c from reading the past week’s responses:


@pkr “This is just weak marketing, IMO” and other criticism

In my opinion, pkr has got it spot-on here. Old FUD and outright dismissal from people in 2017 are what kept me away from the coin as well until 2020. It’s not that I’m a “lazy normie”, but it’s because with all of this noise in crypto you only have so much bandwidth to focus on so you tend to want to dismiss coins and focus on some that do not have FUD behind them (read: are promising on the surface).

This sort of FUD is perhaps the biggest detractor right now IMO, we need some serious “FUD-busting” work to turn this ship around. I think we all agree that ZCash is better than Monero. If we’re not crazy, then it should not be hard to convince the greater community of this as well.

@pkr it would be nice to share your ideas with ZCashZeal as he is just beginning his content creation journey and your tips would prove useful in my opinions

@joshs re: needing the help and suppport of the community, would it be useful if you concretely laid out what the community can help with? I’m thinking of how we’d be able to rally people to work on things like this.

Needless to say, I think we’re all massively appreciative of what you guys are doing at ECC and are only “criticising” in the hopes of helping. It is useful to give the community’s PoV on these things as they see it differently (perhaps more realistically)

Price Predictions

All of you people predicting 20x and more is cute but not helpful. Truth of the matter is ZCash has underperformed Bitcoin this cycle and I see reason why that would not continue unless privacy coins became massively hyped up. It’s nice to imagine 2017 all over but that is likely not the times in which we’re living in today. I would be happy if we outperform BTC in 2021, which itself (according to institutional interest and etc) might be destined to double and more this year.

PR and need for price

@anton1 had a decent point about it being a right time for PR and us needing higher prices for funding. We have a solid team and that’s going to remain the case, which is a massive benefit.

Hiring a PR agency, like @joshs said, sounds hard. I can easily imagine 99% of them are too expensive and not well suited to market crypto. It might be a bigger bang for the buck to just hire people from the community that are good with articulation to do the work for you.

Ideas aside, it shouldn’t be too hard to build a part-time marketing team, no?

It is great that we have ZCashZeal, and we should fund him to ensure he can continue his work at a more rapid pace – but I fear that one person won’t be enough. More investment is needed in this space.

Perhaps form a working group to brainstorm on potential solutions? This thread is not the right place to discuss this. Why don’t we form a community call to get this discussion properly started?


You’re on a price prediction thread…where we speculate enthusiastically about price. you’re in the wrong place if you’re looking for “helpful” predictions.

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That’s fair.

I was getting a sort of serious discussion vibe from the last couple of comments hence my response