Zcon3 Speakers & Topics Community Brainstorm

With our recent announcement of Zcon3, which will take place in June of this year, and our call for speakers, I would like to get feedback from the Zcash community on potential presenters and topics that would be relevant and of interest to the privacy and Zcash communities. This thread will serve as a way for the ZF to get feedback but any or all suggestions will be taken as just that, we cannot confirm that any suggestions will be officially added to the schedule. Additionally, if you know of someone specific or have a contact that would be a good fit for Zcon3 please send them our way.

The deadline to submit is February 14, 2022.* please fill out this RFP form 2


Here are some ideas for things I’d like to see:

Future Changes:

  • making Zcash easier to use
    • protecting users from scams, making secure usage easier
    • price volatility
  • moving away from proof of work
    • alternatives & their tradeoffs
    • technical, economic, and social impacts
    • implications for users

Retrospectives & Reviews:

  • large ZOMG grant recipients
    • progress & impacts
    • things we could do better
  • network upgrade process
    • goals
    • process changes since 2021 & their outcomes
    • wallet and node development team report-backs

Lets get Edward Snowden to talk about the current state of the internet (web2), government surveillance, crypto, bitcoin, privacy, zcash! He probably charges for an appearance, but it will be worth it.


All-Star Speakers

  • Edward Snowden: I second @JRGB and would love to see Snowden speak on the current state of financial privacy, surveillance capitalism, and why Zcash is more important/relevant than ever.
  • Barry Silbert: Fireside chat (moderated by Naomi Brockwell) on his Zcash investment thesis, the Grayscale Trust, and his recent $85 million investment in ZEC.
  • Jill Gunter: Future applications of zero-knowledge protocols and how Zcash fits into the mix.
  • Vitalik Buterin: Discussing Halo or Ethereum/Zcash interoperability


  • Coin Holder Voting: A vibrant discussion on the merits and considerations of coin holder voting addressing some of the issues discussed in this thread. Panelists might include Zooko Wilcox, Andrew Miller, Eran Tromer, and Daira Hopwood.
  • ZSAs/UDAs: A not too technical discussion between QEDIT and ECC/ZF engineers.

how about a panel with a stablecoin issuer interested in deploying a zCounterpart.
would love to hear more on compliance issues vs the power of zUSD in today’s global context.


I think Hester Pierce would be a good choice, idk what exactly she should speak about (though I’m sure it would be good).


I submitted the following talk proposal:


Would love to hear updates on this ECC partnership with the Ethereum and Filecoin ecosystems as well as any VDF developments and what it all means for the Zcash ecosystem, practically speaking.


Panel Discussions:

ZF: A panel and Q&A session with all six members of the Zcash Foundation’s Board of Directors outlining the Foundation’s short-term and long-term strategic priorities.

ECC: Regulatory update discussing relevant domestic and international regulatory and policy issues related to cryptocurrency, financial privacy, and Zcash, and where ECC is focusing its efforts.