Zcon3 Viewing Party in Kampala, Uganda

Viewing Party, Kampala.

Event Date:

Event Location (physical location or virtual)
Physical(Canary Hotel, Kampala)

Funding Request Amount (USD):
$4500.00 USD

Category (select one):

Detailed Explanation of Event (please include links, if applicable):
This proposed viewing party for the Zcon3 will take place from the 7th to 9th of August, 2022 to join the rest of the Zcash ecosystem for the biggest event of the year.
This event targets, Blockchain Enthusiasts, Software Developers especially those with interest in blockchain, Government Policy makers, Technical writers, University students, Tech community leaders, Designers & Researchers in blockchain with aim of invoking blockchain based ideas, more on Zcash in order to build a vibrant community and ecosystem around the Zcash protocol in the region of Africa.
As this years theme states, “Code Alone Doesn’t Cut It", we hope to ideate community driven solutions to the major challenges faced in the region to get everyone(Not only engineers and researchers) involved. some of the major focus areas in the indigenous African society conform with the SDG’s most especially Goal2; Zero hunger bearing in mind that Uganda harbours a big number of refugees with numbers soaring due to the current turmoil in neighbouring DR Congo, Goal9; industry, Innovation and infrastructure, and Goal13; Climate Action which affects us all among others.
Through this, community members will invoke ideas that will drive blockchain, in particular Zcash to adoption;- the only way to organic growth.
If approved, we shall advertise this at the Blockchain Club of Uganda Meet Group https://www.meetup.com/blockchain-club-of-uganda/, social media and the legacy media(News papers, TV & radio stations).

How would sponsoring this event benefit the Zcash community?

  • Zcash awareness by the general community as the audience will be taken through what Zcash is.
  • New ideas developed on Zcash as the audience will be highlighted on what can be built with Zcash and where to find Zcash courses/docs
  • More community members joining Zcash online communities as the audience will be walked attendees through where they can get live support on Zcash, such as: Discord, Reddit, Twitter, Forum
  • Laying a foundation for the birth and organic growth of the Zcash community in Africa.
  • Legacy media coverage of Zcash in Uganda.
  • Local developers, especially those at campus start pinching on Zcash through the identified use cases.

How would Zcash Community Grant’s sponsorship be recognized during your event? Examples: Logo on Website, Marketing Materials, Presentations, etc…
The event will be purely Zcash. Therefore, Zcash will be recognized straight away from advertising the event booth through local media social influencers as well as legacy media companies such as TVs & radio stations as well as news papers.
The event will also be purely branded with Zcash and Zcash ecosystem logos, banners, flyers and swag.

Size and demographic information of your target audience:
We shall target a total number of 100 viewers for this viewing party from the demographic composition mentioned above

Please list organizations/companies that have already committed funding for this event:
N/A It will be a solely Zcash event.

Will the event be recorded? (If yes we request that you send us a link to the recording when available.)

Tagging the @ZcashGrants for their view on my proposal.


I’m positive towards this proposal. Thanks @Mucu!

Has the Zcon3 program been released yet? Have you considered the time difference and how it might affect the scheduling in Uganda time?

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Hello @tokidoki thanks for your positivity!

The information at hand indicates that the program will be out this month. Also, the schedule available shows that doors open at 8:00 am PDT which is about 5pm in Uganda, a time when everyone shall be out of office/work/school. This means we can be ready to begin the session and hang around for about 6 hours to 12:am which is 2:00pm PDT

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Hello @Mucu, thank you for your submission and patience, the @ZcashGrants Committee has voted to deny this funding proposal. ZCG stated that you can look to the Zcash Ambassador program to potentially continue to be involved in the ecosystem going forward. If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me in a DM.