zec and zcl question

hello, please help
i dont understand where to get wallet for zcl
is it same wallet as for zec?

i download zencashwallet and try to mine on miningspeed
but if i put in bat file any adress from zencashwallet starting with z
bat file send me adress error

go… to… zclassics… website…

only T addresses …i suggest miningpoolhub :wink:

its a different wallet …read the installation Releases · z-classic/zclassic · GitHub do it like it says there… not that hard but…you must follow some steps…after you finish generate a t address… the pool will send you the earnings to that address…after that you can use cryptopia to exchange (if is the case) or to wait till BTCP come out and get your free btcp :wink:

success !

thanks )) the problem is i got ZEC and ZEN wallets )) too much currencies )0