ZEC Gateway - forwarding memos to Twitter, Reddit, Email & Ycash

So, I made a thing… we’ve been chatting about it in #Lounge for a while and its sort-of released.

You can post on Twitter or Reddit by sending a memo from ZECwallet, you can also use it to send email :slight_smile:

The gateway also connects to the Ycash network so it can relay messages between ZEC & YEC wallets.

There’s more info in the subreddit /r/GatewayXYZ and it Tweets as @GatewayXYZ if you want to play. Its still somewhat new and clunky so let me know if you see anything that’s broken. Enjoy :slight_smile:

It works great with both ZECwallet Lite and the new shiny zECC wallet.

Edit: So this is fun, registering a domain for the Gateway & paying with ZEC using the zECC wallet. WooHooO!!!

Edit: Now it can post to Telegram, send a memo to the gateway address & put TELEGRAM as the first line.

Edit: QR codes for the gateway :-



Whatever happened to this project?

I moved on to other things, was not a very challenging project.