5/10 ZEC per day? - how much do I need to invest in a set up?

How much do I need to invest in a mining set up that will bring in 5 - 10 ZEC per day?

Take a look at: Zcash Mining Calculator - ZEC Mining Calculator - CoinWarz

It is a good little calculator, but changing hash rate to 50,000 sol/s (or H/s) gives more or less 5 ZEC/Day at the current difficulty level. So each 10,000 sol/s per day = 1 ZEC at this moment in time.

But if the difficulty increases from 1.05 million to 1.5 million then 10,000 sol/s will get you about 0.70 ZEC per day.

What ever your investment is, pls do not buy some cloud mining ponzi. You can find private Hashrate rentals but also calculate how much you will get less your investment on renting hashrates.

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