Zec Pools collection

Zcashfan.com are collecting all the zcash pools. ( 在线观看国产精品普通话,日日摸夜夜添夜夜添破第一次,video日本老熟妇,春色校园激情综合在线 )

now we have these in the list:
www 2.coinmine.pl




please submit your pool here and let more ppl know.

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Zcashfan.com is ready to work with all pools and miners.

Does anyone know of reliable pools besides flypool that allow no reg/arbitrary worker names? I am having fun creating some scripts that automatically launch miners on ec2 based on best prices. I am naming the workers based on their instance type and ID so I can spin them up and benchmark them with zero configuration. Unfortunately, flypool stats seem to be very inaccurate and unreliable. I am curious what other pools might support this same feature. MPOS systems require creating the workers and selecting passwords ahead of time and their API is not robust enough to work with.

sorry for the trouble.

Many users reported flypool is not reliable. so we decided to take them off from the list.

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  • Provides auto exchange to any other coins like BTC
  • No need to make worker prior to mining.
  • US, Europe, Asia servers running.
  • Uses some tricks to minimize miner crashing.

listed. tks

we appreciate your support to zcashfan.com

Why would Flypool not make the list…has been very consistent and reliable for me from the very start of Zcash.