Stable Mining Pool?

Which pools are stable for mining and payments?

I haven’t had any problems with zmine though I read they got attacked and had a little downtime just before I started with them (maybe on launch day), that’s not really something anyone can control. Payments are prompt and for me it just works. It’s a smaller pool, so fewer blocks solved but a bigger cut of each one.

Well, I recommend our pool.

(1) Tweaked some features to support Genoil ZECminer to prevent from getting infinite 0.0Sol/s problem.
Many miners reported that pool works quite stable.

(2) Also provides auto exchange feature, which can overcome minimum withdrawal limit and get paid by BTC quickly.
Pool aggregates auto exchange requested coins and exchange them automatically from Bittrex or Poloniex.

I hope you give a try.

Genoil is a GPU only miner from what I understand. Do you know of a CPU miner on windows that I could point to your pool? All of them I have found are hard coded for a certain pool. :slight_smile:

Does anyone know if zmine or other reliable pools support workers with arbitrary names that don’t need to be preregistered? I am using this feature on flypool but the stats and maybe the pool in general seem very unreliable from what I seen personally and read.

I have my mining software setup in such a way that I want to be able to create workers on the fly for benchmarking and having to register them first in MPOS is a huge blocker due to their limited API.

zmine uses wallet addresses as usernames but doesn’t mention anything about workers and there is almost no documentation.

No need to make worker from website at miningpoolhub.
Just point rig and start mining.

It looks like it died… no way of seeing what is going on. At first it seemed OK. Now it seems like its dying.