ZEC to PayPal account

I was wondering if there is any way/option/exchange site to move my zec coin to PayPal account ($)

I havent looked into it very deep yet but airtm.io looks like it does, some kind of monetary conversion system, it was in the most recent dev update as now handling zcash

Um… It looked very convincing. But anyone used it? Who can give surity that my coin will not vanish? Also what are the charges?

I haven’t, it seems targeted towards Latin Americans, which is cool because they need stuff like that, but I dont know, one could only assume so to maintain an operable business and establish a loyal customer base and make most of their money off the fees and not theft, but im pretty sure assumptions involving money is gambling, but that’s what cryptocurrency speculation is anyways, I might try it, maybe not :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Edit- I may or may not will have tried it

Have a little courage and test the waters yourself - and post about your experience.

Haha :joy: ok. Let someone test it. I’m a small miner man. If I loose, I loose everything

When I run into this stuff I try a small test transaction first, then move the total amount in a few slightly larger transactions if I’m 99% but not 100% convinced

This is a good idea. May be a test with 4-5$ can be done.
OK. Let the price go up. If I do it now, it will be a wrong idea. Atleast I’ll wait for the price to touch 420$/zec