ZEC wallet not transmitting: rejected by netwk rules\n\n16

sending ZEC from the VerusAgama wallet (0.6.1) Lite Mode; WIN10, encounters an error message.

For the last week or two when attempting to send ZEC, the VerusAgama wallet shows an error message: “can’t broadcast transaction” Debug Info reads: {“code”. 1 "the transaction was rejected by network rules. \n\n16: mandatory-script-verity-flag-failed (Script evaluated without error but finished with a false/empty topo stack element)\n[ then a screen full of characters].

(A similar error message is displayed Android Verus Mobile App 0.1.8-beta) Thank you for any help in this.

VerusAgama wallet support suggests it may be ZEC issue and included the below link in the reply. Any help here is appreciated. Thank you.

I have no idea about this wallet but the problem appears to be that the wallet needs to be updated to support the recent Zcash Blossom network upgrade.


Agree with @anon16456014, @Micah68 I suggest you contact the wallet maker and ask them to update so you can retrieve your Zcash.

If that doesn’t work, perhaps you can export your private keys to another wallet.

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Thank you for the replies @anon16456014 and @shawn . The wallet provider is part of the Komodo/Veruscoin teams. Following your recommendation of exporting the private keys to another wallet resulted in success! Thank you!