Zecwallet Startup Issues

I cannot seem to open my full node wallet . I am getting the below error. Can anybody help please

Failed to start zcashd. Giving up!
Please file an issue with Zecwallet

Hi @faz.b welcome to the forums. I would first let it run for awhile even after you see that message, it may correct itself.

Second if that doesn’t work I would check your debug log to see if there are any errors. You can follow the docs to find other troubleshooting steps: Troubleshooting Issues - ZecWallet Docs


Is it zecwallet fullnode or zecwallet lite?

zecwallet fullnode could be having the same issue we’ve been having with zcashd crashing silently.

After downloading the linked wallet from Windows, a black screen appears. The only hint: documents, wallets, help. However, clicking any option will not start and the wallet reaction will not be displayed.

Are you trying to use ZecWallet fullnode or ZecWallet lite?

Is your OS 64bit?


zecwallet lite的

zecwallet lite

Do you have a 32 bit or 64 bit operating system?

Can anyone help me just move these private keys to the lite wallet. Im giving up trying to make this full node wallet work.

The lite wallet doesn’t support importing private keys.

I had this issue when zcashd was removed automatically by an antivirus.