ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hello everyone! Here is the report of ZecHub’s activity this month.

Major Achievements

Project Updates

  • Important Note: Bounties for Global Translations are stopping. The project will however continue to issue bounties for Translated Newsletters & Blogs.

  • We released new videos to the ‘Zcash Explained’ series. If you have suggestions for topics you would like to see next, please do comment.

  • Our focus on media is showing with steady growth of the Youtube Channel. Zcashd tutorials and Shorts were among the most popular content on the channel. We are interested in joining more platforms.

  • Our DAO site now accessible from the Wiki. Portfolio is being worked on.

  • Weekly operations meetings have been great for gathering ideas and feedback. We have had some issues getting usable recordings this month however. Meetings are held on Tuesdays in the Zcash Global discord.

Community Contributors

  • @Hardaeborla has set up a substack, Yoruba Newsletters + Blog posts available for Nigerian Zcashers available soon

  • The #design channel in discord is now open to all community members that wish to submit designs.

  • The Swahili wiki saw the most progress this month. We encourage any volunteers to help with translations!

  • The videos produced by @thedesertlynx were very well received. We are looking forward to sharing more.

  • Wiki edit permissions are now available to Global Ambassadors and members of ZFAV who want to make any changes.

  • Thank You to the Global Ambassadors who have continued to diligently translate the weekly newsletters!

Planned Next Steps

  • Media content - Video Tutorials, Shorts & Guides are the center of our efforts moving forward.

  • Launch of ZecHub Extras

  • Launch of Merch Store

  • More technical guides for zcashd & lightwalletd to be released.

  • Work on products & events to be offered with our patronage/subscription NFT are ongoing. Some elements are almost ready and will become available first.

  • A new landing page is being drafted.

  • ZecHub will feature during a presentation at Zcon4.

Very interested to hear community suggestions!