ZecHub Monthly Updates

Hi everyone. Here is the report of all activity over the past few weeks:

Major Achievements

  • ZecHub DAO proposal & migration to Cosmos Ecosystem

  • Launch of Zcash Extras program, NFT & Store - Our NFT gives access to extra ZecHub content that supports our DAO.

  • Featuring during Zcon4 Panel - “Growing the Zcash Community”

Project Updates

  • Several videos on how to make Payment Requests using Zcash posted to our channel
  • EXTRAS Magazine published

  • Redesigned Landing Page

  • DAO proposals can now be made by anyone in the community

  • Podcast will return with more episodes!

  • Weekly Meetups were all recorded - will make them available shortly. Thanks to all who attended & gave useful ideas + direction.

Community Contributions

  • ZecHub NIgeria posts first translation of ecosystem newsletter in Yoruba. Thanks to @hardaeborla

  • Payment Request URI video tutorials made in 4 languages

  • 3 people made the weekly newsletters this month, would like to see more volunteers. If you know anyone willing to try, please direct them to dework.zechub.xyz.

  • Many store merch designs received! Thanks to @Minevg & @lexaleth

  • Please submit your designs in the Zcash Global discord #designs channel (doesn’t need zcash/zechub logo on it)

  • As always, a special mention to all global ambassadors on their translated newsletters!

Planned Next Steps

  • To open second native ZEC Store

  • Build strategy for using Free2z for educational content

  • Bring back more community events

  • Site redesign - In an effort to make wiki more intuitive

Open to suggestions & Happy to answer any questions!