Zecmart.com - Buy Zcash Merch with Shielded ZEC via ZGo

Yes they are. We will have to disagree here.

No its not, we already hashed this out :grin: If investors are not happy, I invite them to complain less, and just leave. Only the savy will stay around and change the world.

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DJ’s, Skateboarders, Gardners, all P2P. You can’t measure me sir.

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Visions are easy. Any forum troll can plaster their vision on every thread. For Zcash to succeed, it needs inspired builders and developers. We need execution. Everyone has a pet vision; few can execute. Zecmart is a cool project by some of the best builders here. No one is claiming that zecmart will uppend world financial markets but it’s progress to build on. Crapping on people who are executing is not the way to build momentum towards bigger ideas.


that’s a zec as fiat view. how are those people supposed to buy things when they get paid in zec ? how are they supposed to handle their finances when they lose 10% in a day?

P2P, friends, family, local community.

Work more, I think you told me before.

ZEC is money then? I think you have a contradiction here. We’re still holding our ZEC. So, are we holding money by holding ZEC or … ?

I think the use case makes sense to try, via ZSA’s on orchard, or Via any IBC enabled chain like Agoric, or Namada, or via an L2 like has been suggested. However, I’m also huge fan of KISS, so at the base,

Zcash is Private, fungible, digital cash for the world


i don’t think it’s money as a fiat alternative; you and a small group of people think it is. but to won’t scale.

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Is this website open source?

Maybe you could make a pull request to change the verbiage? Real changes in github might be a better place for discussion. It seems like your vision is at odds with everything the website says?

I was under the impression that you were working on free2z. Is that not the case? Free2Z has been paid at least $468,000 in grants. As recently as last month, they got $111,000.

So you say you have worked for free; but it seems like maybe you have got paid?

@noamchom @NimmyNims

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Your numbers assume that we sold the ZEC and paid ourselves. But, your assumptions are wrong.

I think your numbers and timeline are also a bit off but a key point is that the grants were in ZEC. Maybe you should start a top-level thread to criticize me and my efforts? This is off topic here.

We have a nice little pivot coming in 2024 that will make Free2Z unquestionably one of the best bang-for-buck uses of the devfund of all time. So, stay tuned for that. I’m going to disengage and let you have the last word here. No hard feelings! Good luck to you!

Not that I want the last word. I just want to say my honest reaction is that I really feel bad for you. If you really read all my comments (or read between the lines), its actually to protect people from having an experience like yours. You might interpret it as criticisms; its really frustration that the community believes ZEC is a fiat alternative and it just simply is not. So when someone says “the emperor has no clothes” or “the earth is not the center of the universe”, its going to sound like critism I suppose. its not meant to be. I really dislike seeing people being told ZEC is money (as a fiat alternative) and then seeing them lose all the hard earned labor disappear overnight (and I also dislike losing money when I can see the changes needed to make the Zcash blockchain useful and valuable).