Wondering if ZECPAGES can build mobile app & make it really easy to view, comment & reply. I’ll support funding a real use-case.

Is the creator of ZECPAGES on the forum?


Idk if ole Solid Snake Helps is on here


He’s pretty responsive on Twitter DM and friendly if he’s not on here. https://twitter.com/michaelharms70


If the developer (Brunchtime?) of Zecpages is interested in support from ZOMG I would suggest they put in a Grant request.

Personally, I think it’s a useful tool for the community and falls within the scope of projects listed at: Zcash Community Grants | The Zcash Community Grants program funds independent teams entering the Zcash ecosystem, to perform major ongoing development (or other work) for the public good of the Zcash ecosystem. . Perhaps additional features, as has been suggested in other threads, could be developed for it.

While it’s cool that you’d pay to destroy my project’s credibility (however unintentionally) and further consolidate your influence over Zcash’s communications channels (however unintentionally), I’ll decline. Thanks!

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Lol, Ok if that’s how you feel about grants then I understand. Hopefully you are able to get unsolicited donations that will help you continue to build out Zecpages in the future :slightly_smiling_face:

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If the only indie dev with users tells you he thinks your organization is credibility poison, it’s not a super funny situation.


@BrunchTime I wasn’t laughing at you directly, so apologies if it came off that way.

My suggestion was in line with thinking “Zecpages is really cool let’s give them some support to keep making cool things” but you took me by surprise by taking it in a completely unexpected direction, as if it were some sort of hostile corporate takeover of your project. That is not what I meant at all.

I guess I just don’t correlate someone receiving a grant to build stuff for the broader community (which is what the development fund is there for) as a negative thing. We all want Zcash adoption to grow for the broader mission of empowering privacy for everyone.

I hope there is some way (if not now than in the future) that more independent minded developers such as yourself can utilize some of the ZEC that the community is allocating (with every block) to build things for Zcash.


ZEC pages is great!

I think I understand where you are coming from but would you be willing to elaborate? Do you think an antidote for the “credibility poison” can be found? Or should we instead discuss methods for the community to attract more indie devs such as yourself that put a high value on decentralization, independence and autonomy?


Hey - Good q. And thanks @Shawn for the thoughtful response. Sorry for my late reply.

Some thoughts:

1 - ZOMG is super new. I think it can be great. As such, I was wrong to call it “credibility poison.” There’s tons of time to build, learn, and grow. I’ll admit that I generally had ZF/ZOMG too tightly tied in my mind when I replied. I voted for ZOMG to exist because I believe in testing bold new ideas on a small scale, and I will be more patient to that end.

2 - ZECpages is a scrappy, unfunded educational example of the next generation of web apps. It’s raw and unpolished by design, it’s supposed to make developing on ZEC look accessible, to get people thinking about what else the memo field could be harnessed for. However cool a z2z message board is, anyone can build one, and I don’t think that’s the final product of ZECpages. This is about discovering the emergent utility of the unique memo field together in a 24/7/365 users/dev/twitter brainstorm. I can’t commit to what 's getting built in the next x months because we’re still finding out what ZEC based solutions are usable and useful for people. How do I write a grant for that? It would literally say “I’m gonna keep doing my thing you guys, you know me. -Mike” I’d be embarrassed to submit it and if I was on ZOMG I definitely wouldn’t fund me.

On the other hand, I could give ZOMG a proposal saying how many scores of dev hours it would take me to refactor ZECpages with a styling library, and get its text spacing and margins really nice and uniform, or expand into a more sophisticated multi-board paradigm, it’d be tons of work with quantifiable results, totally valid for funding, but I think those features would add zero if not negative value to ZECpages.

The two biggest things that spring to mind that would make ZOMG more credible:

  • Their funding needs to be totally independent from ZF (My understanding is that ZF ultimately has authority over the ZOMG’s coins, correct if I’m wrong. If I’m not, absolute no-brainer)
  • Good funded devs/projects with users. I know this is a chicken/egg thing. Credibility brings good devs, good devs bring credibility. Once the ball gets rolling it’ll all prolly be gravy though