ZecQT Wallet Android app is now available on the Google Play store!

Oh, I really like this one:


I have tweaked the final version to put some more details in it;

this is a 1200 PNG (transparent background) , check your PM for a link to google drive with many other sizes, with and without transparent backgrounds @adityapk00


THANKS a ton, @Shawn. This is awesome.

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@Shawn really good work! Collaboration at it’s finest! +++


It’s no biggie, I enjoy doing graphic stuff, and helping out the developers who are actually building stuff for Zcash.

If anyone needs anything just let me know. I’m not a cryptographer but can help with small stuff like websites and graphics.


Just noticed the update on Google Play :slight_smile:

It now scans ZEC payment URIs, nice !!!

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Recently brought ZecQT from Google Play and it was indeed running smooth on my Note 8 until I updated to Android 8.0. Now whenever I will open the ZecQT its simply loading a blank screen and crashing eventually after few seconds. Any help??


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Can you please file an issue here: https://github.com/adityapk00/zqwandroid/issues

Formatted the phone, and now it’s seems to work fine.

Not really sure that the issue was with my phone. Anyways have filled an issue.

Regards & Thanks,

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