Zecwallet community reorg

TL;DR: We MUST allocate control of critical resources like zecwallet publication keys to more than one holder.

I claim that zecwallet is, in many ways, the flagship application for zcash.

Here are some unchecked assertions about zecwallet:

  • In the course of developing it @adityapk00 contributed to librustzcash which is used in much wider contexts.
  • It is prominent on the ECC website
  • It is the most widely used/adopted zcash “client”.
  • It was/is the most successful User-facing project ever funded by the @ZcashGrants and If I Recall Correctly was previously funded by the Zcash Foundation.
  • It was the first 3d party wallet to support shielded addresses.
  • It is the only interface that many Users have to the zcash system.
  • as @dontbeevil said here losing the active involvement of @adityapk00 would be a serious challenge for our community

This thread is me loudly opining that that challenge has arrived, and that we need a pro-active immediate community solution.

I’ve noticed evidence for this in two places.

1. In the ECC:
I won’t speculate on why @joshs or @zooko decided that an official wallet is necessary. I am not asserting that a robust DAO-structured community based zecwallet would necessarily remove the need for the ECC to have it’s own wallet. I don’t have insight into their thinking.

What I am asserting is that this move will consume significant ECC resources, and centralize essential components of our ecosystem into a U.S. based corporation.

We MUST have a separate robust entity that reliably provides a wallet solution, whether or not the ECC provides their own official wallet.

2. On github:
In “Open”, community-requested-issue, solving PRs on github.
This is unrealized value. The work has been done the benefit has been shown, and our community cannot access it.

The core issue is that there’s a single point of failure.

I believe some sort of DAO that includes the Users of the technology is the best solution.

This DAO needs to have control of authority to publish code (e.g. to github, or better, independent entities) and binaries.

I will set aside (for the moment) the question of always available infrastructure.

Immediate Steps/Questions:

(1) How can we start the process of obtaining publication authority to the relevant app-stores?

(2) Github?

(3) How can we ensure that such authority is distributed such that it’s always available?

I believe that once we have a solution for this specific instance of this problem, we’ll have discovered at least some of the patterns necessary to support other 3rd party ZAPPS, that suffer from Single Points Of Failure. (zwallet, nighthawk, unstoppable) etc. (I’m unclear about the infrastructure supporting unstoppable but perhaps it’s not in this category.)

Perhaps @Rucknium or @zlawyer sees how this problem can be solved with some DAOist approaches.


Great Post, zancas!
I don’t mean to distract from the content of this post however if I may, add an additional information request for anyone who may have knowledge of user adoption numbers of zcash wallet applications?
Number of Users/downloads/transactions etc: of zecwallet, zwallet, nighthawk, unstoppable ?


Is zecwallet publication authority, including domain zecwallet.co, held by individual? Would it be possible to transfer those to Zcash Foundation considering the circumstance? Do you know anything about this @decentralistdan?

Would love to get an answer as this is also relevant to my grant proposal.


@zancas I think the community needs to make this a priority.

I was surprised to not see Zecwallet Lite listed on Homepage - Cypherpunk Zero considering Zecwallet Lite is the only light wallet available on both desktop and mobile.

If there’s no answer from Zecwallet main developer or ZF, should we consider forking the project to ensure continuity for Zecwallet Lite users?


Aditya will continue to maintain ZecWallet thru NU5 activation.


Related to its lack of inclusion on the site, we only included projects that have committed to UAs or UAs + autoshielding (Shielded by Default.)

Would love to see someone else take this project forward.


Thank you for the clarification @dodger

Does Aditya have a plan on what to do next? NU5 is just around the corner. Would Aditya consider transferring the publication authority to the community? I think, it makes sense to have ZF be the custodian of said authority before the community can find a way to:

Personally, I think Zecwallet Lite is the most user-friendly option for beginners to Zcash. I would hate to tell my friends about Zcash through Zecwallet but then shortly they’ll have to use a different app.

Makes sense. I’m not saying ECC made the wrong decision here. Just surprised that there’s real possibility Zecwallet will not survive beyond NU5.


Watch this space. :upside_down_face:


I agree that this is a critical community resource.


Thanks for posting this! It’s nice to know!


I apologize if I missed an anouncement… are we awaiting NU5 before talking about the fate of zecwallet?

Personally, I think we can discuss it right now. However, looks like ZF has a plan which they haven’t announce yet. So, let’s see? :sweat_smile:


Watch this space. :upside_down_face:

It’s been ~2.5 months. When can we expect an update on this?

@adityapk00 will continue to maintain ZecWallet thru NU5 activation.

The mobile app, ZecWallet Lite, is still not listed as being NU5 ready. Will the mobile app be maintained or only the desktop version?

I have reason to believe that some community members are working in this space.

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This sounds like you’re loosely citing a second or third-hand source and it doesn’t address my follow-up query about the mobile app. The ZecWallet Lite mobile app repository hasn’t seen any activity in 7 months save the new issues that were opened.

Some verifiable clarity on the whole of the Zecwallet line-up would be appreciated.


I whole-heartedly agree with @kowalabearhugs.

I also would appreciate clarity from @adityapk00 and/or @Dodger. It seems like @tokidoki is curious too.

I assume that folks have some reasonable motivations for their transparency (or lack thereof). I certainly don’t want to make anyone’s job harder. Nevertheless I am pretty uncomfortable with the state of affairs.

Ideally a User-Facing App like this should have a vibrant community of developers/users/associates that care about its Health, and focus on making it viable, as their primary occupation.

I think this kind of problem really is well suited to a DAO-ist approach. Perhaps some folks could provide an application that makes micropayments to the providers thereby keeping the community and the app Vibrant!

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I’ll add, that as-is, ZecWallet Lite has a privacy issue… The app does not allow the user to toggle between Memo Download settings. This is either a bug or a feature that is not fully implemented.

The default setting, that currently cannot be changed, downloads the users TX memos thus allowing the lightwallet server to learn the TX ids of the users.

IMO this should default to NONE as that leaks zero TX id info. The user can decide what amount of sharing or memo interaction they require given their privacy model.


I believe this exists:

As was pointed out, I guess you can not select any options. Thanks

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You cant toggle any of them

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