ZecWallet Fullnode does not show last two transactions

I have Zecwallet Lite and Zecwallet Fullnode on the same machine. The fullnode has all the same receiving addresses as the Lite version because I exported/imported the private keys from Lite to Fullnode.
I have many transactions on these addresses and both show them. Mostly.
I’ve sent ZEC twice in the last week and the Lite version shows both. But the Fullnode is missing these last two transactions, even though its sync’d block height matches the very latest block on the chain.
The really weird thing about it is the Fullnode’s balance matches the actual balance as shown on the Lite client. So although Fullnode is missing the last two transactions in the Transactions view, it evidently knows enough about them to adjust my balance for them.
Any suggestions on how to get the Fullnode to actually display these last two (send) transactions though?

I just noticed, the Fullnode doesn’t show any send transactions. Only receive transactions. It’s like there’s a filter that’s excluding the send transactions somehow.

A rescan should fix that but I’d guess it’s because it didn’t happen locally or that the fullnode verified the tx against the the private keys and saw that this belongs to you and updates the balance but it didn’t actually compute the tx itself so it could only guess, at best I suppose, the details of the transaction.