ZecWallet Lite 1.4.2 Crashes When Creating New Wallet

Forgive me if this duplicates a report elsewhere on this site!
This search did not turn up anything. I also googled but didn’t see any promising results.
I installed ZecWallet Lite on my android phone (see screenshot for android version).

When I hit “Create New Wallet” the application crashes almost immediately.
Any help is greatly appreciated!
I really like the zcash project and would love to help make the tools in this ecosystem rock-solid.

CC @adityapk00

Can you please file a bug here: Issues · zecwalletco/zecwallet-mobile · GitHub

You are most likely running out of memory. Can you please also include your phone model/number in the bug report? Thank you!

Thanks for replying so promptly!
Here is the GH issue I just opened ZecWallet Lite 1.4.2 Create New Wallet Crashes · Issue #41 · zecwalletco/zecwallet-mobile · GitHub