ZecWallet Lite Android vs Desktop: Create new t-Addr

Hi there,

I couldn’t help but notice a key difference in ZecWallet Lite Android compared to the Desktop version. Perhaps someone could show me how to do this or maybe the feature doesn’t exist.

So I wish to generate various z-Addr and t-Addr which I am able to in ZecWallet Lite Desktop version, but not on Android. Is there a way to do this on Android?

Another question on the way keys are generated. Are Addresses generated in some sequencial manner where given a seed there will always be specific addresses corresponding to that seed?

In that case, what happens if you manually click to import a private key (that was created using ZCashD ) on Desktop to ZecWallet Lite? Would that same imported private key magically show up on Android as well, given that Android has the same seed loaded up as on the Desktop?

:S Thanks in advanced for help understanding how this works.

Hi - Multiple addresses are not (yet) supported on the mobile wallets, primarily because of UI difficulties. I hope it to add it soon.

All addresses - both t and z - are generated deterministically from the seed. That is, if you use the same seed on desktop/mobile, they will generate the same addresses and private keys. So, you can import your mobile wallet’s seed into desktop (or vice-versa) and have the same addresses show up.