Does Zecwallet Lite Seed serves as Master Key for all additional Z-addresses generated?

Hi all,

Quick, and maybe dumb, question related to zecwallet for mobile

I assumed that the original seed, the only one the wallet provides, would be the base for all the z addresses that might get generated by that one zecwallet

Is this the case?

I just saw something on twitter that made me doubt about it

In other words, if I generate 10 different z addresses on my mobile zecwallet and send funds to all of them, and then decide to restore the seed elsewhere, will the funds for the 10 different addresses show or not?

Thanks in advance!

@Chammy hello!
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Yes, all wallet addresses is derived from the same seed in zecwallet.

Unless you have imported a separate private key, you only need to backup that one seed/recovery phrase.


I did not have a problem, I just wanted to confirm if all wallets were derived from the same seed!

Thanks for the quick reply mate!


Lovely to hear, it only makes sense.

Thanks for the quick response!

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