Zecwallet Lite now monitors Tx building progress!


  • Zecwallet Lite now monitors progress and shows an ETA while building transactions. Useful when building transactions with lots of notes, especially on phones
  • This PR is submitted upstream, so available to all wallets!
  • Zecwallet Lite v1.6.1 now out, with several minor UI fixes

Monitoring Tx building

Sapling transactions have come a long way, and now are reasonably fast to build, even on mobile phones. However, if you are sending a transaction that uses lots of notes, or are consolidating your balances or in any other complex scenario, building a sapling Tx can take a long time, on the order of minutes!

Watch video demo

Zecwallet Lite (both desktop and mobile) now will monitor the progress of building the transaction, show the number of sapling notes and outputs being used in the transaction, and show a reasonable ETA.

This feature is also available to other wallets! The PR for this has been submitted upstream to librustzcash here: Report Sapling Tx Builder Progress by adityapk00 · Pull Request #377 · zcash/librustzcash · GitHub

Here’s code example for how to use it: Add commands to track progress of building and sending a transaction … · adityapk00/zecwallet-light-cli@7212e2b · GitHub

Zecwallet Lite v1.6.1 also brings several new UI updates and minor bug fixes

Other updates

We published our first draft of the BlazeSync spec - The new sync algorithm for Light clients that is much faster. Please see here. It also contains proposed data structures that will hopefully become “primitives” in librustzcash, so all wallets can take advantage of sync improvements.

We also submitted a new proposal to LightwalletD - To provide price feeds to Light clients, including historical prices. Proto changes are here and a beta implementation of the spec is here


Great job! Looking forward to bring the progress & BlazeSync improvements downstream to @NighthawkWallet via ECC SDKs! @gmale @pacu


Hoping next zcashd upgrades improve this exponentially or at-least linearly.

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