Zecwallet Lite & Zewallet Fullnode

Why is possible to encrypt the wallet in Lite version and not in Fullnode version?

Zecwallet Fullnode has an embedded zcashd. Read this thread for more context on wallet file encryption.

TLDR: Full disk encryption is the better choice than just encrypting you wallet.dat file.

I cannot sign a transaction without the password at an encrypted wallet. No prob at an encrypted container.


Hello @tokidoki !. I think I did not formulate good my question. But I downloaded the Lite version which has an option called “Encrypt wallet” that basically asks for a password every time I want to send money. Also, the website says “Encrypt your wallet” () Zecwallet Lite - Fully featured Zcash wallet. So, is that real encryption or is it just and additional password to send money?


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