ZecWallet now lets you request (ZEC) payments from your friends and family!


ZecWallet v0.6.4 has a cool new feature that I thought you folks might enjoy!

You can now request a ZEC payment from your friends and family using ZecWallet.

How it works:

  1. Select File -> Request Zcash and enter the Sapling address of the person you are requesting Zcash from, along with the amount and an optional memo.

    (The payment request is sent to the person’s sapling address as a memo)

  2. The person receives a payment request from you, that they can view on the transactions tab.

  3. The person selects (right click) -> View Payment Request and clicks Pay to send you the payment, which you receive!

Download the newest version of ZecWallet to get started!


This is super cool! Would be great to have similar functionality in Android ZecWallet app.


Nice!!! What’s next? How about a messaging app using memo’s ? :wink:


Minor bug maybe, cannot overwrite existing .dat file when backing up wallet.dat, returns “Couldn’t backup the wallet.dat file. You need to back it up manually.”
Perhaps this is intentional?


Yes, this is intentional. Overwriting an existing backup might screw up something, so I added a safeguard for it.