Zeropond Cloud Mining


Genesis has no reason to piss people off since they are a multi-million dollar operation already.
Zeropond took in less or very little more money than they have spent on build-out so far I can guarantee it.
Nicehash do not offer cloud mining, just rentals from other customers.

'Margins' doesn't matter if you run only a single round of mining.

I don't see how a money grab would do either any good.

Well, unless you are a total scam and have no build-out costs.


If I have two people offering to buy my service, and one is offering a higher price, then I will sell it to the person who is offering the higher price.

If our asking prices are too high, then nobody will (or should) buy the service, and I will reduce the price.

If you think the prices are too high, but enough other people disagree with you and buy our service, then we will not reduce my prices.

Keep in mind that we auctioned off 400 H/s of hashrate a few weeks ago, and the final price for the auction was about 2.5x our current prices. Keep in mind that a few days ago, we were selling out all of the capacity we offered for sale within a few seconds of it going online.


Because this is a forum.


I see you missed the satire.

I appreciate the sentiment, but I disagree with the machine part.
Sadly greed is more human than even preservation (as we see plainly when we look at the world).

As a wise old Indian dude said a long time ago:
"There is a sufficiency in the world for man's need but not for man's greed."


Your comic genius knows no bounds.


We have yet another GPU break-through:

I think this one is going to be very hard to beat. And it will be wrapped into miner with multi GPU support in a matter of week. Will you consider migrating to this miner asap? If yes, I think there is a valid argument for one more doubling of hash rate.


A week? More like a day or two...


More like quadrupling it. Oh well, I bought a contract with zeropond myself and while it sucks that it most likely won't be a positive ROI people have to remember that this is the name of the game. Sometimes you buy in early and make a killing and sometimes not.

No one could have anticipated the interest in zero cash, the development, price, etc.

As a startup like zeropond you have high upfront costs related to hardware purchases and build out that you simply have to push to customers if you don't take in a massive amount of capital.

Conversely had a public miners not come out, interest been lower and other factors been different things could have looked very different.

I do of course hope that all the cloud mining companies push their margins down and go the "long route" to profits by ramping the hash speed up for their customers until it hurts, but we shall see.

I personally hold no grudge against anyone. It's business, is business, is business.


I agree with this. I've always liked Zeropond for their openness and they have actively stated they are in this for the long-haul to build a sustainable business. They have always been very clear on passing on optimization increases (it's still right there on the pricing page) and I am pretty sure once the dust settles and some stable AMD miners are released then we will see this. I imagine they are currently snowed under (literally as they are in Labrador City) building the data center and will get back to the software side of things soon.


We have this done already locally, I am willing to help zeropond integrate if needed. But they seem like capable folks


Will you be wrapping the silentarmy for Windows? I'll buy you a steak. :slight_smile:


Haha we are putting it in zcash so unfortunately it will still but under the same constraints as zcash. I'm not sure if they have a windows build yet, think i might have seen something on that, but it will get there.


Excuse my ignorance but does this offer an option for a punter with no cpu/ mining rig to outsource mining power?


Couple hiccups but we're live! :slight_smile: Doing stability testing on some rigs.

@Zzzz Yes, we mine for you. However we're currently sold out, sorry! We hope to expand soon.


Nice! Already reported to Tim on Slack but in case it gets lost in Slack message limits you are now incorrectly reporting December hashrate for Genesis contract holders (it should be doubled :grin:) - it was correct before the latest updates.


Thanks, I'll look into this now.


Where can we submit our addresses for payments?


Hi guys,
When will be the next "payment process" ?
What time will be every day the "payment process" ?



Hey Guys, where do I get a Zcash wallet?


You can do this already- just log in and it's pretty obvious