Walets and withdraws

Hi I Invested mony in Z-cash. All went well. when it was time to cash out , withdraw I can not log on the platform and no-one answer ther mail.

Do do Someone have a mail address of Management or CEO so I can see if I can sort this out


What are you referring to? Zcash has no platform for people to “invest” money.

Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency that runs on a public blockchain, if you want to buy or trade Zcash you will need to find and exchange or someone local to trade with you.

If you sent money to someone or some website claiming to be “a Z-cash investment” then you may have fallen for a scam, because there is no legitimate site.


I encounter the same kind of problem with a wallet online supposed to be zcash. The site is zcash-wallet.com .
Anyone to help on this matter as I can see on zchain the adress and the value where I sent some ZECs on what is suppose to be my wallet?
Thanks in advance!

That’s not a supported wallet. And since the site has been taken down, I’m afraid your ZEC has probably been lost to a scammer, sorry to be the bearer of bad news :frowning:

Many thanks for your answer. What about the fact that I can see the exact amount (and this is the only value on the scammer’s address) of my transaction on the zchain?

Unless you have the keys to that address, there is nothing that can be done. It’s impossible to retrieve funds from other people’s addresses.

Yes, I understand well, of course. So nothing to be done against these scammers, even if they use ZEC adresses… Thanks anyway Shawn. Bye

I used there platform and used Luno to do excange to Bidcoin so we traded om there platform and when I wanted to withdraw I can not access the platform