ZOMG Meeting Minutes 1/6/2022

Howdy Zeal! Below please find the latest @ZcashGrants meeting minutes and ZOMG public Dashboard link.


  • Aditya
  • Brian
  • Hudson Jameson
  • Jason
  • Michael
  • Alex Bornstein
  • Daniel Wolande
  • Danika Delano
  • Jack Gavigan
  • Danika Delano acting as notetaker

Meeting Minutes:

  • All ZF team members and ZOMG committee members introduced themselves to the rest of the group.
  • Jack and Alex covered the support that ZF provides including administrative, regulatory/non-profit expertise, point of contact for grant applicants and recipients, communications, and late-2021 new hires: Ecosystems Relations Manager (Dan) & Head of Communications (Winnie).
  • Jack brought up the Foundation’s role in defining KPIs noted in ZIP 1014 and mentioned possibly revising to “attracting as many new teams into the ecosystem as possible.”
  • Jack summarized his role as it relates to ZOMG. Alex summarized his role as well as Dan, Danika & Winnie’s roles.
  • Alex walked the committee through the Foundation’s new grant platform, Submittable, that will launch in the next month or two after ZOMG provides feedback (they will have an opportunity to provide feedback in 2 weeks); he mentioned that ZOMG can run RFPs and RFIs through the new platform. Aditya asked how customizable it is. Alex explained the new grant platform will be very customizable with ZOMG’s branding, etc. Aditya asked about the cost of the grant platform. Alex replied that it is expensive; Jack told the committee that ZF will bear the cost of the platform. Alex noted that the current platform will stay open for current grants; they will share more on the transition plan in the coming weeks.
  • Jack proposed that ZF will shepherd grant applicants through the process, with Dan acting a single point of contact for applicants (with any requirements ZOMG would like to set, like posting on the forums, minimum grant size, etc.), and manage the process that ZOMG endorses; he wants to support ZOMG by taking care of the administrative burden.
  • Jack emphasized that ZOMG has independence in terms of deciding which grants to fund, and that ZF does not seek to influence its decisions; while ZIP 1014 gives ZF the right to veto in limited circumstances, ZF has never exercised its veto; ZF will give advice if ZOMG asks for it, and collect information when requested (like collating feedback from ZF and/or ECC engineers).
  • Jack emphasized that ZF wants clear communication and encouraged the committee to reach out any time, ask why things are done in a certain way, and to challenge any process.
  • Jack asked the committee to think about if they wanted the ZOMG meetings to be livestreamed, invite grant applicants, etc.; he also noted that they will need to decide the frequency and time- he explained that the last committee chose a time that meant he was unable to join their regular meetings, and he hopes that he will be able to join this year but all the meeting details are up to them.
  • Jack showed the committee the ZOMG Public Dashboard and noted some additions that will be made in the coming weeks.
  • Jack informed the committee that ZF is redoing the ZF website and will show the committee a proposed new ZOMG page. Aditya voiced that it would be great to have access to the ZOMG website and Twitter. Hudson and Jack agreed to find out who manages the current ZOMG website and to give the new members access to the ZOMG Twitter accounts; Jack showed the committee the ZOMG Twitter page and told them that tweets are currently posted by Winnie, ZF Head of Communications.
  • Jack went over legal and regulatory requirements including KYC/AML, Conflict of Interest & increment, IRS/State/Federal regulations & regulatory issues. Alex told the committee that he will send out a form for all members to complete about conflict of interest and an Independent Contractor agreement.
  • Jack asked about meeting time and cadence. Hudson recommended keeping the same cadence of meeting every 2 weeks and having additional async communication.
  • Jason asked about QEDIT and if they should have a meeting early next week to meet about that grant. Everyone agreed.
  • Jack brought up that he would like to announce the new committee on the ZOMG blog and asked all members to send them short bios.
  • Hudson volunteered to coordinate a bridge meeting with the former ZOMG committee.
  • Jack pointed out that it is up to them if they want to maintain the same ZOMG brand and informed them the ZF has asked their IC graphic designer to revamp the ZOMG logo so they will share it with them to see if they want to implement it when it is finished.
  • Aditya said he wanted to align interests and come to consensus with RFIs and RFPs, discretionary expenditure process, and branding and suggested creating a Google doc for the ZOMG committee. Jack asked if they wanted him to create a living agenda. All members agreed to try it. Aditya said they should also have a doc with just the 5 members for putting forth the members’ ideas and vision. Hudson said he will share the Shared Google Drive that the previous committee used. Aditya voiced that he wants the RFPs to be as professional as possible and be ready to accept grants.
  • Hudson volunteered to send the GitHub repo and link to the old ZOMG website and then they can morph into the direction they want. Jack said there’s not a deadline Re: ZOMG branding but ZF is ready when ZOMG is ready to move.
  • Jack volunteered to keep the meeting going for questions. Aditya stayed with Jack and Dan and asked additional questions. All members agreed to continue meeting coordination via Signal.

For anyone reading along this thread, it’s quite obvious what’s going on here.

James was banned again earlier today and keeps creating fresh accounts with a VPN ( three in one day so far, must be a new record ) and copy/pasting thier exact same question for the ZOMG because they are upset that thier sock-puppet accounts posts were removed.

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For reference: here is the question posed to the ZOMG:

@zomg why not live stream these meetings in an effort to be more accessible? Many people would like to listen in during their gym routine, their drive, while running errands. Instead, both writing AND reading these minutes are a chore. Today, audio is easy transcribed to text for the purpose of minutes.