ZOMG transparency report and accounts


I am not sure how this works in the rest of the world, but due to the nature of block rewards (monthly)

Ideally this would be a living set of documents. I know you have posted similar “wishlist” stuff. I just want to know how its going after 6 months.

I would really appreciate a breakdown of where the funds and time is going.

for example (an not limited to this)

  • Total ZEC recieved
  • Spreadsheet showing what zec (if any was sold and at what price)
  • ZEC committed to one off projects (they do not have to be named)
  • ZEC commited to ongoing projects including milestone payment breakdowns, testable requirements for those payouts and percentage of total zec already disbursed
  • The current size of the ZEC warchest, and the ideal size it will get to.
  • The current amount of ZEC earmarked for bounties.
  • The current ZEC received v outgoings.


  • Time assessing projects
  • An outline of your acceptance criteria for different levels of grants
  • An outline of your top projects and progress.
  • Prefered methods fr payment (milestones/one off/completion/etc)

EDIT: this is for ZOMG only, not recipients. you should have your own milestones.

Im not asking where every zec is going just a monthly high level spreadsheet.

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I’ll try to tackle a few of these questions:

As of March 2nd (last time we got an update from ZF) ZOMG had funds in two addresses. One shielded (not sure of the address @Dodger would have to provide) holding 9,992.5175 ZEC

And the ZOMG dev-fund address:


Holding about 23k ZEC. Bringing us to a total of around 33k ZEC, increasing every 75 seconds.

And (as of March 2nd) 413.982 ZEC had been spent for Grants.

No ZEC has been sold that I’m aware of. All grants receive shielded ZEC for compensation so there is no need to convert to fiat.

All projects approved by ZOMG (and related milestone payouts) can be seen on the Grants platform: ZF Grants - Browse proposals with the little tag “funded by ZOMG”


can this be made into a web page that auto updates.

It could highlihgt projects, milestones, funding track, deliverables, developer updates, link to foum stuff, etc.

So if a project needed someone with UX or zcash core skills it would be a link to the forum thread or whatever.

Great work shawn - I dont mind doing the template work.

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But creating a spreadsheet or webpage would be a good idea, just need to find someone to do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

As you are probably aware (just by guessing or by reading the meeting minutes) being on ZOMG definitely takes more than 5hrs of effort per month.

^^ this was referring to Chris bringing up the time/compensation issue and there is currently no mechanism in place to hire an assistant to offset the work.


I don know if I have the power, but I can collate public info.

the point of you recording hours is for the next generation. it doesnt really help you.

I thought you got reasonable expenses?

Okay so in theory could someone put a grant through to do this work to take teh burden off you? chasing ppl, updating forums, collating milestones, etc.?

im up for helping.

We haven’t worked out yet how to do something like this, but we are discussing it: