ZPublish – Open-source Social Network With Microtransactions

Hey @1337bytes,
ZOMG has deliberated and come to a decision on whether or not to fund this grant. We are declining funding at this time.
We don’t feel like this particular project would grab enough users attention with respect to the current state of Zcash adoption/usability. We love your enthusiasm and encourage you to reach out to me (@Souptacular) if you have other ideas or want to discuss how to put your developer skills to use in the Zcash ecosystem. Wishing you the best!


Thanks! I’ve sent a DM :slight_smile: Thank you for your response and for taking the time to review the application.

If anyone is interested in seeing parts of this project come to fruition, I would be grateful for any feedback and help: please reach out to me via DM/Twitter (@1337bytes) and feel free to keep track of the GitHub repo: GitHub - zpublish/platform: Open-source federated social media

I’ll be experimenting with some of the ideas from this project in my free time to gauge interest with user testing, and as a test bed for code/libraries for other projects (i.e. SSO, light client bindings). I am keen to work on modular libraries that would enable Zcash powered social media in the future, such as a payment processor, microtransaction system, etc.