Social Media Promotion For Zcash

Applicant background

I have experience running three different Instagram theme pages and managing their growth and content creation.

Description of Problem or Opportunity

Crypto has became a very popular topic across social media, however, there are very few large theme pages where users can learn about new and upcoming crypto projects like Zcash.

Proposed Solution

I am in the process of claiming the Instagram username @Blocks, and already have a relationship with a well-known Instagram growth agency who will assist in rapidly growing this Instagram page, so as many users as possible can learn about Zcash and other upcoming crypto projects.

Solution Format

An Instagram account, with 400k-600k followers in the next 12 months. With your funding, this will be a realistic goal.

Technical approach

  • I am working with an Instagram manager to claim the username @Blocks
  • I am hiring a Instagram growth service to grow @Blocks at a rate of 40k-50k followers per month.
  • I will create the Instagram content myself, as I am experienced in doing this.

Execution risks

I expect the Instagram growth and engagement to be subtle at first, until I’ve built up reputation in this space.

Unintended Consequences

I may be overloaded with content creation duties, and may get to a point where I’ll have to outsource content creation as well.

Evaluation plan

-Followers -Engagement rate -Growth of Zcash as a result of my Instagram posts.

Schedule and Milestones

Q4 2021 - Setup Instagram account and hire growth service

Q1 2022 - Scale to 100k Instagram followers while posting at least one feed post per week about Zcash and multiple story posts linking to Zcash, Zcash news, Zcash blog, etc.

Q2 2022 - Scale to 250k followers while posting at least one feed post per week about Zcash and multiple story posts linking to Zcash, Zcash news, Zcash blog, etc. Run Zcash giveaways to build brand awareness and drive new users to Zcash.

Q3 2022-Q4 2022. - Continue to grow to 400k-600k followers by end of year. Continue to post about Zcash and run larger Zcash giveaways.


$5000 Total

$4000 - Growth service

$500 - Claiming @Blocks username

$500 - Initial giveaways to Instagram followers


How will you measure the ROI on all of this? I’m very hesitant to support any ecosystem that is a walled garden (Facebook/Instagram). On top of all of that your targets for scaling users look good to read, but how engaged are these users you are acquiring and where are you planning to acquire them from? Almost seems like you want that vanity username and are using a ZEC grant in the process to do so, but I could be wrong.


I am okay with the numbers as long as the targets defined in the milestones are reached. What I am most worried about if the marketing materials would actually harm Zcash reputation among the general folks.


For $20,000 I could run an international 1 month ad on google ad sense that would hit EVERY* High GDP nations metropolitan areas.

What countries are your followers located in?

What is cost per follower on that 400-600k Follower?

What is the cost per follower on the 40-50K Instagram Growth Service?

Are you going to provide any proof of the reputation you have?

Do you have an example of the kind of promotional content about zcash you would be distributing?


If ZOMG funds this, then it will be supporting rent-seeking behavior.

Hi @AshtonF42 , thank you for your Grant application.

ZOMG likes to encourage users to promote Zcash through social media, however ZOMG has decided to decline this grant based on the lack of an already established presence or track record of success on a social media platform.

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