006C Riser Pin Voltages

Hey Everyone,

Been creeping on this forum the last couple weeks and have learned a great deal from reading various threads.

One answer that I've been unable to find though is what the voltages on the 006C riser 6 pin connector are.

I'm asking because I'm finding that people have been powering their risers via the VGA and or SATA outlets on their PSUs. I find this odd since the VGA outlets usually have 4 pins for 12V with the remaining 4 for ground. The SATA outlets on the other hand have 1 pin for 12V, 1 pin for 5V, 1 pin for 3.3V 2 pins for ground, and one pin that isn't used. Seeing as the risers in question (006C), and others, come with SATA or 4 pin Molex adapters I imagine that 5V is being supplied to some components on the risers.

I was hoping with this info I could make myself some custom 6pin to 6 pin cables that would connect to the SATA outputs on my PSU.

For reference my current PSU is an EVGA Supernova G2 850W

PSU pin outs can be found at the link below

Thank you to anyone that takes the time to read this :smiley: