1.8.0-beta1 - Error invoking remote method 'doRPC_IPC'

Hello guys!

I update my Zecwallet FULL to 1.8.0-beta1 and now I can’t open my wallet.

This is errore message: "Error: Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION Please make sure zcashd is running.

Can you help me please?

Thanks, Alexferro

The beta requires some extra setup

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We just published beta2 (Release Zecwallet Orchard beta 2 · ZcashFoundation/zecwallet · GitHub) with several bug fixes and improvements.

Please try it out, and as always if you have issues, please feel free to file bugs.


I’m running zcashd manually, but Zecwallet Fullnode 1.8.0-debta2 still have same error message "Error: Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’ NO_CONNECTION Please make sure zcashd is running.

I run all on Win10.
Thanks, alex

External zcashd connection settings can be found in the Edit - Settings menu. It shouldn’t matter but you could also try launching zcashd as a background service daemon, not sure if thatll help.


I got this issues after updating to 1.81:
Error: Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION

I am running Windows 11.

I now updated to the latest version (1.83), but still get the same error.

Any suggestion of how to fix it?

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If theres nothing you can do from the edit settings menu like described in the faq docs then I’m not sure. You could always run native in WSL2 on win10 and 11.


Thanks for your reply.
I don’t have any edit settings menu in my Zecwallet:

With WSL2, you mean that I need to run this in Linux? :slight_smile:

Its an option for windows users, otherwise I’d wait for the newest non-beta release

Got same issue. v1.8.1 & v1.8.3 have this message on startup
Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION

Is this a firewall/av stopping? It seems odd a released version all of sudden has no connection when I can uninstall & reinstall 1.7.8 & it works but very very very slowly.
If I need money at the moment… I be screwed.

Please note that with the full node wallets, you need to run the zcashd node in a terminal window and have it be fully synced. Remember that Zecwallet Fullnode is just a UI frontend, and your wallet is actually in zcashd.

If you don’t want to run a zcashd full node, please use a lightclient wallet, which will manage all of this for you.

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Do we have a step-by-step work around doc somewhere? I’ve ran nodes for over 6 years for many chains. I run the Zcash full node & have done nothing more for years but uninstall the old, install the new .msi & double click the wallet icon, it loads, it syncs & I am done. What has changed? Right now I have v1.7.8 reinstalled “again” & its been syncing for over 24 hrs (since I last posted). Its moved 2%. Any help is appreciated but this is not the norm, not even close. TYIA


What about your operative system?


Is anyone going to fix this? Its been broke for months & now I am starting a social media campaign because I have 500 ZEC I cant get to because of a junk wallet no one is fixing. Its been at 99% sync for days. Rescanned & same old junk. Many users are having this issue & if no one is capable to fix it then let the public know so they can find projects that are.

I’m not sure why your full node is not syncing, but if you have your seed phrase/private key, why don’t you restore it on a light wallet? You’ll get access to your funds right away.

There is someone trying to send me a message
to resolve this issue & acting like a ZEC Devel. Is this person for real & what type of community is this??? review the image:

They are a scammer who has never posted publicly on the forum, do not respond to them or click any links


BTW, version 1.8.4 stable is available now if you haven’t tried it

Wonder years, guys. Growing pains, Savage brothers, you know what I’m talking about

Where can I download version 1.8.4 stable? I can’t find it.

Under the downloads tab, now 1.8.7