Issue with Wallets 1.8.x Error invoking remote method 'doRPC_IPC': NO_CONNECTION

Hello, I have been using Zcash wallet fullnode since 2018. It always requires updates every 90 days or so. It hasn’t been a problem.
Now, with the 1.8.x releases, I get the following error:

Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION

The host machine did an update to Windows 11 behind the scenes.

Can someone point me to a solution for this error?



I also still have this issue after updating to 1.8.3 as well.
Is there any solution to this issue?

One is to download the lite version and use your secret phrase.
I tested that, and the lite version is just empty for Zcash, so maybe I have an old secret phrase.

So i really need to get access to the full node version again.

Thank you!

Are you still having issues?