Error: Error invoking remote method 'doRPC_IPC': NO_CONNECTION

Hi dear Support. Could you please help me. I cant restore my Zcash account (T-Address) with my private key which i got from my ZecWallet Fullnode 4 months ago.

I have some questions:

  1. I pasted my private key in Exodus but it didn’t work :frowning: Exodus says it needs wif format. Isn’t my private key wif format? What is wrong with my Private Key?

  2. Yesterday i downloaded Zecwallet 1.8.3 but it doesn’t start =( it always displays: Error invoking remote method ‘doRPC_IPC’: NO_CONNECTION. Why it doesn’t launch?

  3. I pasted this private key in ZecWallet lite 1.8.8 but it displays: Bad Key
    The input key was not recognized as either a sapling spending key or a sapling viewing key. Why Zecwallet Lite doesn’t accept my private key?

i am not a programmer i don’t understand all this stuff, answer please why cant i restore my account with my private key which i derived from ZecWallet Fullnode 4 months ago?

I only have private key from this T Address Account and wallet.dat file, this is my address

Your taddy can be imported into a number of different wallets. Is that windows build displayed in the pic (looks like 10 maybe) your only option for an OS or device?

Yes, it is windows 10, do i have to use Linux? Why ZecWallet Fukknode doesnt work? Will it work?

You may not necessarily have to use linux but historically Zcash windows native programs are iffy. If running as an admin still fails then you could try importing keys into a windows
version of zecwallet lite GUI or CLI or a Ywallet, also as admin. If your heart is set on the full node you should (may) be able to run zcashd in WLS2 inside your win10 as well most any other linux Zcash CL tool. You could also try running zcashd from CL (power shell or equivalent) to try to catch up and then restart with the GUI. Ill have to look up that dir, ant remember off top of my head.