1 ZEC = $530 USD Amazing! (Bitmex Futures)

Hours before launch… ZEC trading at $530 US dollars… amazing…

fools gold , no way it will be worth even half that much

Hype. Nobody is going to buy at this price and the majority of us will feel our intelligence is being questioned.

Propping up the price of ZEC futures makes perfect sense for a Zcash investor…

This will be worth billions (market cap) in the next couple years.

At $530usd this is barely $150 million dollars (300,000 coins first two months)

Zcash is better than Bitcoin, completely private and anonymous… Bitcoin users will switch to Zcash fast.

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I can’t wait to see what some crazies are willing to buy these for…

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Or us miners… sell at…

Zcash (ZEC)

Yep, looks like the “crazy” pre-launch futures guy tripled (or more) his money already. Damn, I wish I were that crazy instead of fretting with all this mining business. :wink:

now @ 2.1 BTC bittrex

look now smarty :slight_smile:

it is 1900 dollar right now

I had a good laugh, thanks.

Its currently at $1,904 on Coinmarketcap.com wow.

FaucetLove.com forum has a Zcash beg thread, a few people sent me some micro amounts so i have some now :slight_smile: