1070 best setup and results

U get in the right temps 60 max ,54,57

The man is right. Getting 470-480+ after doing this.

I set the core clock to 80 for now tho, with the mem clock to 650 for a couple days to see if there are any issues. Every card and PC configuration is diff of course :smiley:

If it’s fine after a day or two, I will move it back to your recommended settings. Thanks!

Excellent, thx a lot. What kind of power usage u get with these setting since u do up voltage a bit?

Sorry, reduce power.

Changing my mem clock seems to have no effect on my 1070 mining speed. All I’m getting is about 380sol/s with power limit at 80, and about 415 with it at 100. There is no difference between having my mem clock at 100, or 650. How are you all getting over 450?

Gpu 0 is Asus Strix Gtx 1070 OC. With Power Target at 80% i get around 400-410 sols and 3.1 Sol/w with my current settings.

When i change the settings to how the user Ivcelmik83 had (except memory +900 instead of +750), i get 420 sols

And TDP 100% i get ~435 sols

hi, what’s the logic on gpu voltage and power target?
i imagine that gpu voltage lowers the voltage that is being given to the gpu, so basically undervolting it, is that right? and what about power target?

I have a setup running 5 Gigabyte GTX 1070 FEs. I can’t seem to get over 380 sol/s(often getting less than than - it’s inconsistent). I’ve tried about every setting noted here. Anyone else having a hard time ramping up the hash rate on 1070 FEs?

I’m running NiceHash v 0.5c on win 10 64, using slush pool.

I’m running Zec miner 0.3.4b win 10 64 with MSI 1070 DUKE (185W)


I got ~450 sol/s with this:

My cards are GTX1070 Xtreme Gaming Edition, running zec miner 0.3.4b


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Nice. I got an allmost new, slighly used Palit 1070 Jetstream for very very cheap and it is really a beast…

Allmost passive cooling possible with this massive 2.5 Slot Cooler with great fans. Helps cooling its neighbor.

Maybe also the silicon got better in the last batches… :wink:

460 Sol/s @ 3.8 Sol/Watt. Dstm ZMiner 0.5.6.
80% Power and +266 Core. Close to 2000 it gets unstable.
Much better efficiency is of course possible but it would be without any sense in my old 5 GPU Core Quad Rig with 3 of GTX 900 Series GPUs.
Still tweaking Mem for Zcash but might leave it a bit up. With this card there should be at least a little Mem OC for Zcash I experienced.

33MH ETH!!! Memory clock (Micron) now in Afterburner at Maximum! +1000 Mem!
Can this do some damage? I can’t believe it so easy to Mem OC. Maybe I should turn it even higher in Nvidia Inspector. What do you think?
Edit: It does not get higher with Inspector. How do I get it higher? :laughing:

Cards with Hynix should get a warning sign on it. :yum:

P.S.: Do I need a Micron Patch as I read about?

EVGA GTX 1070 (Not TI)
Power 79%, core clock +114, mem clock +650, automatic fan
GPU1 54C Sol/s: 490.7 Sol/W: 3.95 Avg: 482.0 I/s: 257.8 Sh: 1.78 0.99 94 +
GPU2 56C Sol/s: 471.3 Sol/W: 3.94 Avg: 480.4 I/s: 256.2 Sh: 1.74 0.99 94
GPU0 55C Sol/s: 491.0 Sol/W: 3.75 Avg: 477.4 I/s: 252.8 Sh: 1.78 0.99 79
GPU3 56C Sol/s: 482.3 Sol/W: 3.95 Avg: 481.0 I/s: 257.4 Sh: 1.76 0.99 78


After some burn in I can get stable over 500 Sol @ 3.7 Sol/Watt. +1000 Mem. Or allmost like your first card yet.

Higher Mem Clock works. +850 - +1000 Tweaking.

Shops dropping them on ebay lately… You can even return them after some weeks mining :wink:
Much better deal then 1060.
Gonna sell my 900’s for now.

It is strange. when i use nanopool with same config i get totally different result (more in the range of 450 sol/s)e. i’m now comparing the payments because looks like the flypool figures are a bit optimistic than real.

impossible to get 4 on GPU 1

I used Dstm ZMiner 0.5.6.

i have 12 1070 gigabyte in my rig but there is not touching 460+ after doing this

how can you do this

Hi all,

I’m new to mining zcash and recently stated mining Hush. I’m getting very similar hashing rates with my 1070 G1 Gigabyte but I’m finding that the settings in MSI are wildly different to what some people are posting here.

I’m aiming for low heat/noise with my rig and have spent a lot of time trying to optimise the settings but I’ve found that core and mem clock speed have very little affect when mining equihash.

I’ve got my power limit set at 60% and core at +100Mhz. Increasing mem clock makes no gains in my experience. With this, the cards are running at around 55~60C and fan speeds are low.

Have those miners above with mem clocked to +1000 noticed what difference it makes at 0??

I’m unsure what you are doing, but this is an incorrect statement. It most certainly does have an affect.
Best advice is to play around with the settings until the GPU locks up, then you know you’ve gone to high. Hit the reset button, lower the settings and see what happens.
As for the memory clock, there is a performance increase using it; however I have found there is a diminishing return from heat and power usage after a certain point. You will notice it while testing your limits.

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I have done as you suggested. My rig runs stable at +150 core +500 mem but
this has only gained 200 sol/s (up to 3600 from 3400… around 5% gain)
with 8x 1070’s. Hardly noticeable really.

I’ve previously mined dagger and neoscrypt which have a far more noticeable
difference when tuned.

Don’t know how you put those two sentences close. 5% increase is A LOT.

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