Asus Dual 6x 1070 is my hashrate normal

Hi there, new to the forum and mining but had a question about my hash rate.

I have a Z170 board, 6x ASUS Dual 1070 8gb, EVGA 1200W-P2, 16gb DDR4 ram, M.2 HD
Mining with EWBF on flypool using US server,
MSI AB set to: Power limit 67%, Core +120, Mem +450 and my hash rates are between 380 sol/s and occasionally crest to 405 sol/s.

I have read on here about many others getting higher hash rates, and tried similar settings, but i seem to get stuck around where i am at or get a less efficient sol/w.

Are the rates i am getting expected for these cards? Or are my settings all out of wack?

sorry, forgot to mention using flypool

doing a quick search on the forums for 1070 and I get



Thanks for that. I felt my numbers with the specific Asus brand did not match others so I was wondering if that was the difference. I used the last option of 80% tdp, +100 core and +300 mem, and i have about 420 sol/s now.

DSTM miner (zm 0.5.6)

2 x ASUS ROG STRIX 1070 GAMING (80% power, +150 core, +400 mem)
4 x ASUS ROG STRIX 1070ti GAMING (60% power, +150 core, +400 mem)