1070 Hybrids cards worth it?

I’ve been looking all over google and these forums for anyone using 1070 hybrids for mining ZEC.

Anyone here have the hybrid versions that could share their power consumption + sol/s?

Is it even worth the upgrade? Are they that much cooler?

THe TDP is about 25w more than a regular 1070, and you can expect at least +25 more sol’s from a hybrid.

and yes, temp wise they are that much cooler, you should not be able to red temp a hybrid unless a pump is bad

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How much cooler we talking? Currently, I am using the EVGA SC ACX 3.0 cards. Running all 6 cards in the 50’s.

Looking to get these cooler so I can push more sol/s while overclocking at 85% power, +120 core clock and +650 mem clock. Or maybe higher.


I don’t have the 1070 hybrids but I do have Fury’s and Fury X’s and running both o/c the same there is a 27c temp difference


Gotcha. I don’t know much about AMD cards but I am assuming one is hybrid and the other isn’t. then thats amazing.

I suspect the nvidia cards will have a few more degrees shaved off as well. Thanks!

I would need a bigger PSU then If I were to run 6 hybrids, wouldn’t I? Currently rocking corsair 1200w plat’s.

I would say yes, from reading the 1070 hybrids pull 150w to 200w each. I don’t own any of the 1070 hybrids so I can not tell you for fact.

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Figured. Just ordered 1600w supernova.

I have a couple 6x 1070 hybrid rigs. They actually pull less power than regular 1070s, which I thought was a bit odd. These rigs average about 2850 hash, where the others average between 2700-2775. Hope this helps.

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2850 hash stock? whaat?

i push 2500+ stock on gtx 1070 ACX SC cards. at 50C temps. you?

I also have a 6x rig of the 5173s - ACX SC I think but not sure. That rig does about 2800 hash.

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I just realized thats your video on YT with the hybrid cards xD

How large are your breakers for each outlet if I may ask?

Just installed the 6 hybrids on a 1600PSU.

odd though, each time i add the last card and start mining, it throttles. as if it the PSU isnt enough. I got it hooked up to it’s own 20A breaker outlet too.

With 5 cards, its very smooth.

I replaced the riser to make sure it wasnt that.

What PSU are you running? is 1600 not enough?

I use a 1300G2 for those rigs and that’s plenty as they only pull about 1000w from the wall. Usually the problem you mention in your post is caused by not enough power getting from the PSU to the card itself. Check the cable connection and try swapping cables between cards to see if that isolates the issue.