Hi please connect to me. zaideesh@gmail.com I need your help.

Hi @jimmy97one61 and @Plangy. I have a new computer with 2 gtx 1080ti cards. I wish to get started with mining, I dont have much clue. I read the entire conversation. I want to get inspired and learn about your setup. Please pm me on skype: eiishan . I wont take much of your time, i need some info on requirements of internet and power.

It is hard to get a grip when starting out,I did a quick guide ,there are different ways to mine.This way is fast to get up and going.
Easiest route would be go to poloniex.com
a. Create your Account(use a secure email and password)
b.Click on balances tab and select deposits and Withdrawals
c.Scroll thru coins until you see ZEC and click on deposit to get your t address.This address will be used in the EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner .bat file

So for now you opened an account to start mining,now the miner we are using here has a couple of different pool miners and to make it less confusing we are going to use nanopool.

a.Download EWBF’s CUDA Zcash miner
b.Unzip files to any folder you want to use
c.Open nanopool.bat file with notepad in the folder
d.Now the address you got at poloniex.com(eg(t1Spr8WeMXZceHy4KkKsDcrZ4cshyAWHZh9) you need to put it in nanopool.bat file and save the file.

So nanopool.bat file will look like this.
miner --server zec-eu1.nanopool.org --user t1Spr8WeMXZceHy4KkKsDcrZ4cshyAWHZh9.yournamehere --pass z --port 6666 --pec

e.Now your ready to start mining for zcash.
f.double click on the nanopool.bat file and the miner will start and you will be able to access you coins on poloniex.com and see them also on Nanopool | ZCash when you input your t address.

This was quick and dirty guide to get started as fast as possible.You will need to read a whole bunch if you want to try different coins,pools ETC.

Set MSI Afterburner to default.
Press control + F to get voltage curve.
Move only single point on voltage curve.
Lets say 1.02mV for now(you can lower later if you want for now voltage is for stability)
Move voltage point 1.02mV up to 2038 Mhz.
Hit red X or close voltage curve.Then click on check mark in MSI Afterburner to apply voltage curve.
This will result in a flat line voltage curve starting at 1.02 mV and 2038Mhz.
Setting the voltage curve this way will result in your MHZ to drop by increments of 13Mhz until temperature of the card is under control .Say under 70C.
Set a fan curve next to run at 70% fan speed at 60C GPU temperature .
Result should be a drop of two bins (so 26Mhz in total )So the GPU clock will settle at 2012 when card get to a normal running temperature (again say under 70C)

See screen shot for a general idea how to set.

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Has any one used the EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID GAMING Graphics Card for zcash? if so how did it work and is the hybrid with the noise reduction?

let’s see click the search button for the zcash forums, type in hybrid and hit enter and you find:

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Great thread here…
I just got my 6 1070’s running stable finally. Currently at 2750 sols/s for all, but does go over 2800 at times. Four Asus cards, and 2 EVGA.
,currently on zec and flypool.

Hi guys,
I’m a bit noob at mining (just started a few weeks ago witha friend of mine) and we bought 6 x GIGABYTE GEFORCE® GTX 1080 TI AORUS XTREME 11GB GD5X and we start using nicehash.
I’ve searched on the internet how to overclock them and i found and i’ve been using these settings:
• CORE CLOCK - +50
• FAN SPEED - Auto (they usually stay around 60 to 65ºC)
What do you guys think?
Any tips from more experienced people are appreciated.

How much hashrate are you getting at these settings?

I am at -85% with core at +110 and memory +220
Avg 730 sol/s
Avg 3.41 sol/W

I am very happy with the low power consumption, it can still be taken down alot more.

Thank you for sharing.
So Your settings are better.
With my setting I get around:
• Avg 660 sol/s per board
• AVG 1300 W on all setup

Are people using - 85% power (minus) his many sol and watt per card please?

Which cards do you find better performance and temp wise b/w asus and evga?

You might need to increase the core more and decrease the memory as zcash is not very much dependent on memory. There is very slight increase. But core overclocking with some nice undervolting usually gives the best result.

I wouldn’t suggest undervolting on a regular power outlet, undervolting can easly fry your cards (would never go over 1V)

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Does it make a big difference with these 80 plus power supplies?

I just got 1 GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID to test out. Its runs 48 c and 780 hash out the box.

I thought I should say hi first before I ask if you know that out of the box means stock settings?

I have several of this GPU, and other 1080 TI hybrid models and, no. Out of the box (stock settings) these cards do not do 48c and 780 H/s.

Unless you hit the GPU jackpot lottery on that card, pictures or it didn’t happen. If you do send in a picture, please make sure its been mining for at least 5 minutes.


Can anybody give me some useful comparisons between using windows or linux for mining zec and other altcoins? from what i have been seeing all have linux miners (if im not mistaken)

I’m ok with linux, used it for a few months on an old laptop, i could get the hang of it pretty quickly, but how are the hashrates and overcloking procedures? do i just use the same clock’s as on windows or do i have to repeat the process?

reason im asking is i have a h110 motherboard since there were no lga 1150 cpu-s available in shops atm (anything less then i5 that is) and i might as well use it to full potential with 2 psu’s, but that won’t play on windows so…

btw community here is so nice im quite impressed, congratulations and thank you for many useful advices :slight_smile:

On all of my rigs I use Windows 10 64bit. for both AMD and Nvidia gpu’s

Some other coins, like for asic mining algorithms use something else (not doing that yet so I prefer not to give information)

you can use Windows 10 64b, you can use Linux, there are even operating systems that run on a usb or pen drive with the everything you need

yes, i know all that, im not that new, im just asking for people’s experiences in using both OS’s and differences they encountered, either in hashrate, overcloking or general stability