1070 OC GPU not working with MSI Z170 SLI PLUS

I am trying to build a rig with

Motherboard: MSI Z170 SLI PLUS
GPUs: 4x GigaByte GeForce GTX 1070 Windforce OC
Risers 6c
PSU: Seasonic SSR-1200PD
CPU: Intel Pentium G4400 Processor

I can get everything working without the GPU s. And I have tried what @MiningStarter has suggested even without risers, thinking it might be the problem. Updated the BIOS, changed to “Gen1”. Should I be downloading the drivers of GPU’s before Install them? Also can i connect everything while the computer is running? I assumed no but i read something on this thread to that account. Also trying different ports, different risers, different GPU s. Downloaded Win10 fine and everything, but I get “please power down and connect the pcie power cables for this graphics card”. Also the cable that comes with the PSU doesnt reach to both GPU power and Riser power, can i cross power them with different cables (meaning Cable A to GPU1 power and GPU2 riser and Cable 2 to GPU1 riser and GPU2 power)

Another thing to mention is that I only have VGA for my monitor would this affect anything? Or I can hook it up via HDMI to my tv…

Thank you for your help!

I have 4x GB 1070 WF OC too. I also have 1x MSI 1070 , and 2x EVGA 1080 FTW/FTW2.

The WFs are actually the ones working the best.

  1. IDK if mixing GPU & Riser PSUs is ok, it seems like it shouldn’t cause any problems. BUT, I have every one of my GPUs using the same set of PSUs. So GPU and Risers are connected to the same GPU. And just to clarify, the GPU uses a cable, and the risers needs a separate cable. You can chain 2 risers together with 1 cable if the cable has enough heads.

  2. Before I started using nvOC v0017 (dedicated NVidia mining OS, bitcointalk, full zero), I used Ubuntu 17. Before I can get anything to mine, I had to download the latest NVidia driver and the latest cuda miner.

  3. Your first 16x PCIE slot might be the primary. I shorted my MSIZ170 board and currently shipping it for repair. So on my Biostar GT6, I had a problem where I thought the very first PCIE slot is the primary, but its actually the first 16x slot (a 1x slot was before the 16x).

3B) “Please power down…” means GPUs are insufficiently powered. There should be a 6+2 pin connected to each of your 1070s. Use a separate cable for each GPU. Remember to also power the risers with their own cables.

  1. Because I shorted my MSIz170, I advise powering everything down before removing Graphics cards and power cables. Wait for the GPU to also dispense any leftover electricity. Removing USbs should be fine though.

  2. VGA connecter should be fine. I was using a DVI- DUAL into a DVI-single slot and it was working fine. Smaller screens the better

  3. should be set to gen2…

Thank you for your help. I got 2 gpu s working now. But when i plug in the 3rd one the rig doesnt even turn on. So trying to figure that out now. Any ideas?

Also will my PSU (1200W) have enough juice to power 6 GPUs(2 are on the way, if they ever actually get shipped), or should I get another PSU on top?


Does the rig power up? Are there any lights turning on when you power on the mobo?

I’m assuming the mobo powers on, but there is no display on your monitor. Power it down, switch VGA cables to your 3rd GPU, then try again. still doesn’t work, use a different riser platform on your 3rd GPU and/or a connect a different 1x pin to the USB cable.

So when determining PSU wattage, safety net is to use 80% of the advertised wattage. I know people might push theirs farther and have been successful.

And GB 1070 WF OC can push 460 sol/s at 135-145 watts with +140cc, +400 mc; I’ve gotten 480 sol/s without limiting power but it was using like 170watts for 10 more sol/s. Six of these @ 135 watts gives you 810 watts. 80% of 1200 is 960, so you have 150 watts left for mobo and everything else. should be enough.

Everything worked, thanks!