Hit 3.6 Sols/W on GTX 1060 - Is that good?

Quite new to the mining world, so started mining with my Gaming PC. Currently OCd and reaching up to 3.6 Sols/W with 280 Sols @ 75W.

Is that good? What are your hashrates on the 1060?

Efficiency speaking that’s really good! For a 1060 I would keep those settings!

Is your card 3GB or 6GB?

I’ve got a “stable” 3.2 sol/w efficiency with 1080ti at 90% power

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This is with a 6GB :slight_smile:

Yours is good. here I got from my 1060 3G:

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Alright, so, 1 more question:

Should I go for the 3.6 Sols / W @ 280 Hashes/s - Or go for 2.7 Sols / W @ 325 Hashes/s?

it depends. if you go by 3.6 sols/w you win more then with the other one. maybe slower but you still win more.except you don’t pay the electricity cost, but I guess you then wouldn’t ask.

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Your unit is wrong though. You’re getting 3.6 solutions per Joule of energy, or 3.6 Sol/J. Which is really, really good. In fact I don’t think I heard of any GPU that gets a higher efficiency.

maybe a stupid questions but how do i get the efficiency and the power usage shown in the console?
i just see the INFO when a share is accepted, the gpu temperature and the Sol/s.
this table shown in the picture above is very interesting.

Well that’s good, my actual “record” is 3.28 Sol/W

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Overclock your core +75/100 or so, and notch your power down to 85-90%. You’ll crush that easily.


When running EWBF miner, just add --pec to the command line.



the 1080 was just installed, so I need still to do the configuration of it

HERE IT IS, I’m transfering my rig so I taught to undervolt the last 2 to take a screen shot and show you better efficiency :slight_smile:

It’s running at stable 4.2 Sol/s

why your gpu is all below 70C , my 1066 and 1080 is all above 80C ,do u set the templimit or add a supper cooler?

hey man! Temps are low cause I’m not pushing them to their limits…
they’re undervolted, fans are at 50% and I have a free office to store
rigs. (:


Hey guys here is my little experiment with a nvidia gtx 750ti 2 gb, and a 8 threads i7 870, I am not seeing what you guys are seeing it only shows me sols/s with nheqminer, I am running both cpu and gpu and that s what i get. any thoughts?.
My CPU is very cool because i have a water cooler with dual fan on it.a zcash app shows me 44.4 sol/s average. but its terrible because it does not update real time.

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Got mine 1070 around average 4.3 Sols/W.

Is 1080Ti a good investment? I’m actually thinking of adding 1070 G1 hmmm:thinking::thinking:, anyone using G1?.

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I got one G1 gaming 1070 and one Strix 1070, each is giving around 490 Sols/s with overclock.
The Sols/W is about 2.60, but electricity is free for me, so it’s fine.
Bought a Aorus 1080 Ti this week from dropshipping site for 680 USD, it’s gonna get shipped in the beginning of Nov. There was a EVGA 1080 ti on sale this week there too and whole stock got sold in few hours as well.