$10k to invest in a rig. Help required

Hi guys, i have 10k to invest in a GPU rig. What coin youn think i should mine and which GPUs i should take and how many. PS : kwh = 0.14 here. But i’m thinking about going for a solar energy system.

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This is need to be the new hype !
We need to support: Clean energy power for to supply mining rigs.

It’s a must, It’s an emergency planet.

Or or cryptocoins can’t work for nothing in a near future…

Please do it. Built a Solar power Rig and spread the word.

Check this one on youtube:


Go to this website https://whattomine.com/ and make sure you change the power rate to what you have… play around with the gpu’s at the top… mess something up click default and start over

Right now it’s not worth it to buy any GPU as they are out of stock almost everywhere. Most are selling from 30 to 100% above msrp. Either find a good deal or wait till supply comes back. With the 11 series nvidia coming soon, they will change the mining landscape.

Buy what you want to buy when you want to buy it. if you wait until the next thing that is going to change the landscape then you’ll be constantly waiting.

Remember AMD Vega?

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